6 Lessons from a Workshop on Humor Writing

Being funny actually takes a lot of practice and revision.

Photo Courtesy of M.Dörr & M.Frommherz on Adobe Stock

Recently, my Humor Makes Us Better Storytellers course was visited by writer and comedian Valerie Nies. Her workshop was a mix of challenging my classmates and me to brainstorm potential content for jokes and humorous stories as well as work on analyzing and revising solid examples of humor. It…



I’ve been a writer for years, but I always hide behind sci-fi and fantasy. As much as I appreciate comedy and humor, I’ve never committed myself to learning the art. Let’s see if I can manage to do it in grad school.

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Leigh Victoria Fisher, MS

Leigh Victoria Fisher, MS


Brooklyn-based writer and poet. Instructional designer in NYC. Drinks books. Loves coffee. (In that order.) Has an MS from NYU in Integrated Design & Media.