Gathering Intel on How to be Funnier

If I accumulate enough tips, maybe I’ll actually learn how to crack a joke…

Illustration Courtesy of VectorMine

I had the pleasure of attending an almost performative lecture by Nathan Phillips, co-founder of Technology, Humans and Taste, and Joe Schiappa, comedy writer and content creator for Sierra Mist, MTV, IFC, Sony, and Clear Channel. Watching two comedians give a talk was a…




I’ve been a writer for years, but I always hide behind sci-fi and fantasy. As much as I appreciate comedy and humor, I’ve never committed myself to learning the art. Let’s see if I can manage to do it in grad school.

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Leigh Fisher

Leigh Fisher

Writer and poet from Neptune. Instructional designer in NYC. Grad student at @NYUTandon studying Integrated Digital Media.

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