Don’t be confused for your food so long — 11 Most popular Non Origin Indian Food

From Food to #FoodPorn

For those, who think that India cannot be an innovative country, Here is an article for you that is gonna storm your mind and get you a shock. We have always accepted the world, ignoring its fault and we have also accepted culture and food from around the globe with certain changes.

How do we change the food? That’s a major question. India is a home of Spices, so it’s obvious that we can make food with more and better ingredients. And our food has also been adopted by many countries due to our rich flavours (As of fact –London has more Indian Restaurant than Mumbai)

Now you would be thinking, what the hell this guy is talking about, he was saying about innovation. Yaa, I am coming to that! Here are some of the most popular Bite of Indian people which is not originated from India, but more popular than its origin country due to India`s innovation in its flavour.

TEA (It called Chaai in India)

Perspective for Tea stall owners has been changed, after the Historical Moment of our respective PM — Narendra Modi and his Initiative on `Chaai pe Charcha`. Tea is loved by everyone, even the day of Indian, Starts with a tea in Breakfast. Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after Water.

But Origin country of Tea is China, where it is drunk with water, honey, lemon and in the same way the whole world takes it. But We added to milk as an important part of this beverage and other herbals too. Love for tea in India is really incomparable to any other country


Probably the most popular snack to eat with Chai. But Samosa was brought to India by Middle East People in a 10th century. Originally it was non-veg dish and filled with meat, dry-fruits and other ingredients, But at that time non-veg food was not popular in India due to religion matter. So we make our own samosa with potato filling and some really delicious spices. Samosa is most popular in north Eastern Part of India compare to other parts. Ask any Delhiites about the importance of samosa in his life and you will know its true popularity.


Another favorite bite of Delhiites. Momos came from Tibet and get popular in neighborhood parts like Nepal, Bhutan and then India. This Dumpling is mostly popular in its steamed form in Tibet but in India, it is served as fried and pan fried too, with the addition of mouth Watering chutneys made from flavorsome ingredients.In India, Paneer is the most used ingredients in momos.

Chinese Hakka Noodles

It is called `Chinese Hakka Noodles`, But I can guarantee that even Chinese don’t know about this Hakka Noodles, as it is totally changed from Authentic Chinese Noodles. It is served stir Fried with Indian Spices, Vegetables and different types of Tangy Sauces. It is the most popular foreign Cuisine in India. In China, Noodles are considered as the main food but you will be surprised to know that it is just street food, eaten as snacks in India.

Veg — Manchurian

The name Manchurian came from Manchu People of North East China. Similar to our Kofta and pakoda, but made from cabbage mixed in a corn flour batter and fried. After that, it is served in a two form, Dry(Stir Fried with Vegetables and sauces) and With Gravy(Thick Gravy made from soya-sauce and different veg`s and spices ).

It is as popular as Hakka Noodles in India.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Hell no! how can it be Foreign Dish? But yes, Chicken Tikka Masala was made in Glasgow Scotland, for the First Time. Then it came to India by European, many claims that it was originated from Punjab. It is made in Curry. It is Among the Most Popular Food in UK. In India also, it is most loved Non-Veg Dish Served with Naan.


Yaa! Obviously, it is Italian Dish, But the popularity of this fast food in India is not Underrated. Due to the international Fast-food Chains around the world, Pizza is widely eaten Junk Food. The World Market of Pizza is $128 Billion in 2017.

In India, Pizza is served in varieties with a little improvisation and with different Desi Flavour. There are many different types of dough, gravy, sauces, and toppings for Desi Indian Pizza. We have chicken Tikka Masala Pizza too.


The Biggest Enemy of Pizza, Yes even I am confused sometime Comparing between burger or pizza. Even my Mom says it together while scolding me about not to eat fast food more.

The burger is just one type of sandwich and it is better known as Hamburger. But in India due to Ban on beef, it is mostly eaten with Chicken or Fish as its Patty. There are some Veg Burger Available too, commonly Known as Aloo Tikki Burger, introduced by McDonald.

Gulaab Jamun

When Someone talks about Sweet, the first thing that my mind can come up with is Gulaab Jamun and I felt shocked when I knew that Gulab Jamun isn`t Indian Origin Sweet.This Mouth Watering Dessert is actually from Mediterranean region and some claims that it was made accidentally by Shah Jahan`s Chef. Now it is the most Favorite Sweet Item for Indian. It is Widely Popular in South East Asia and some part of South America too.

I cannot imagine my Diwali Celebration without this sweet.


Crunchy from outside and soft from inside. Second Sweet in this list, and popular too. But Jalebi is a sweet of Persian People made during the festive of Ramzan. But in India, It is served 365 days and at some places you can get this with Ice Cream and rabdi . It is served in many variants such as Imarti and Chhena Jalebi.


The last item of this list, I want to save best for last. One of the most eatable restaurant food with sabzi , is not Indian Origin. It was brought by Persian and Iranian though Naan is more prominent food for Indian as compare to them. Tandoori Naan made in Tandoor(One type of oven) are the most delicious type of bread you can ever eat.

I have been confused for so many dishes and food and you can get rid of it by our app where you can compare different types of food and get votes on which food is most preferable. You can even get an idea about innovation in your recipes too. Let me know how much do you like this blog and give a clap to appreciate.