Apple Is Hiring Writers To Make Siri More Interesting

Apple Is Hiring Writers To Make Siri More Interesting:

You don’t have to own an iPhone to know about Siri, but you do have to own one to know how terrible it is. But don’t fret, your digital wife/slave will soon get a face lift and bigger boobs! That is what I assume a person that is in a relationship with a wife/slave would enjoy the most, but I could be wrong. Apple is on the market for writers to make Siri (seeree not sir-e, hillbillies) more interesting. Wait, now I get it, she’s actually gonna get a boob reduction and glasses and several cats. But don’t worry, she’ll be that kind of girl that is proud to not own a TV and listens to NPR, but streams The Real Housewives of Atlanta on every night when she’s by herself.

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