What Scares John Carpenter?…Album Review with Tour Dates 2016

6 Shreds of Review

for John Carpenter’s

Lost Themes II

1. John Carpenter grew up with musical influences displayed by his father. Nostalgically working with his own son, Cody and his godson, Daniel Davies, on video game inspired music, led to the creation of Carpenter’s current sound. Mike Vanderbilt quoted Carpenter who said: “We were working on music that we’d call soundtrack samplers…They were basically little snatches of soundtracks for non-existent movies” (CoS). Click HERE to read Vanderbilt’s full article.

2. John Carpenter was noted in Vanderbilt’s piece to see the versatile abilities of film change over the years, and he noted music to follow suit. Vanderbilt compared the 68-year-old horror-god to an anxious teenager when it comes to music — a teen excited by meaning and attention. Carpenter is also artistic — even though his art is demonstrated through blood, guts, and psychotics — his creative mind appreciates eccentricity. Vanderbilt quoted Carpenter who said: “Sacred Bones is a label that puts out vinyl for God’s sake, so you’re talking a really unique label, and I love them” (CoS).

“Night (Official Music Video)”

by John Carpenter:

3. “Lost Themes II is the sequel to the acclaimed solo record Lost Themes, featuring all-new original music by the legendary director and composer of Halloween, Escape From New York, and more” (SacredBones). Click HERE to watch the auto-generating video.

“Angels Asylum” by John Carpenter

from Lost Themes II:

4. For “Angels Asylum” Zoe Camp said, “The song’s title is a nod to Asylum, Carpenter’s supernatural horror comic book series created alongside his wife Sandy King. According to a press release, they initially wrote it for the comic book, and later decided to put it on the forthcoming LP” (Pitchfork).

5. Retrosynth is revived with Carpenter’s musical creations. Jonathan Barkan said, “Lost Themes received critical acclaim and adoration from fans and casual music listeners alike. After all, it was an album of brand new music that was deeply rooted in the cinematic electronic/synth movement that Carpenter basically created…To say that Carpenter knows the world of electronica and synth is an understatement” (BloodyDisgustingMusic). Click HERE to read Barkan’s full article.

6. Vanderbilt quoted Carpenter on the horror-god’s fear; Carpenter said, “I’ve never played live music on this scale,” the filmmaker admits. “I’m a little scared. I’ve just never done it, so I don’t know what to expect … There aren’t a lot of things that scare John Carpenter, but that is one of them” (CoS).

“Distant Dreams” by John Carpenter

from Lost Themes II:

Album Release:

John Carpenter’s non-soundtrack tracks are available through Sacred Bones on vinyl. Click HERE to purchase for $18.00. Lost Themes II is available for Digital Download on iTunes for $9.99. Click HERE to purchase through iTunes.

Tour Dates:

Click HERE to purchase tix to see John Carpenter through SongKick.

05–30 Copenhagen, Denmark — DR Koncerthuset — Koncertsalen
06–02 Barcelona, Spain — Primavera
06–14 Seattle, WA — Paramount
06–15 Portland, OR — Arlene Schnitzer
06–17 Oakland, CA — Fox Theatre
06–18 Los Angeles, CA — Orpheum
06–21 Denver, CO — Gothic Theatre
06–23 Austin, TX — Moody Theatre — ACL LIVE
06–24 Dallas, TX — Majestic Theater
07–03 Keflavík, Iceland — All Tomorrow’s Parties Iceland
07–06 Neuchâtel, Switzerland — International Film Festival
07–08 New York, NY — Playstation Theatre
07–12 Washington, D.C. — Lincoln Theatre
07–15 Detroit, MI — The Masonic Temple
08–26 Turin, Italy — Today’s Festival
08–28 Rome, Italy — Auditorium Parco Della Musica / Santa Cecilia Hall
10–28–29 Manchester, England — Albert Hall
10–31 London, England — Troxy

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