Mark Cuban breaking down the Donald Trump and Lavar Ball feud. Filed under “Takes one to know one”

President Trump is currently in a feud with someone as divisive as he is, and relishes the heat just as much. Lavar is the self-promoting dad of three aspiring NBA superstars. He’s built notoriety as a shameless attention seeker, leveraging it into the flamboyant ‘Big Baller Brand’.
Recently, Lavar’s middle son Liangelo was arrested in China along with 2 fellow UCLA teammates for shoplifting.

The tweet that started Trump VS Lavar. But who was baiting who?

President Trump wondered aloud if the player’s contrition and personal thanks was forthcoming as he helped broker their release with Chinese President Xi Jinping. It came, not surprisingly. Days later, Liangelo’s outspoken father downplayed Trump’s involvement in their release. Lavar Ball refusing to join President Trump’s “Kiss My Ass Club”. Voilà, a feud was born. 
Classic Wrestling!

Trump/Cuban/Lavar: Ballers, Wrestlers and Moguls

Billionaire Mark Cuban, a maverick media manipulator in his own right weighed in on the combatants in a recent chat with TMZ Sports. I’ve written previously how Mark Cuban is a longtime Trump foil and likely Presidential challenger. I would take his putting over of Lavar Ball with a grain of salt.

TMZ Sports: Mark Cuban says Lavar Ball is playing Trump like a fiddle
TMZ REPORTER: Donald Trump and Lavar Ball currently still arguing. Lavar Ball refuses to thank Trump for getting Liangelo out of China. Should Lavar Ball just say thank you?
MARK CUBAN: No I think he should send him an unlimited supply of Big Baller Brand shoes cuz that’s what this is really all about. Donald Trump just wants some free shoes. You know he’s not gonna pay for ’em. That’s all it is.
TMZ: That’s all it is? I just don’t understand, do you think Donald Trump has a lot to do with it?
CUBAN: Actually. OK. On the real, they are so much alike. Because Donald will say what he needs to to stay in PR, in the mindset to be talked about. So does Lavar. Donald doesn’t apologise for anything. Neither does Lavar. 
Lavar knows that if he apologises, there’s nothing else to talk about. 
TMZ: Exactly!
CUBAN: Lavar doesn’t apologise, he’ll be in the news all day, every day and the President will end up having to talk about him. And what’s better for Big Baller Brand? It’s straight out of the Donald Trump playbook. Congratulations Lavar.
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