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45.6 million NPXS/NPXSXEM tokens removed

Dear Pundians,

The token removal for Q4 2020 is completed. We took out approximately 45.6 million tokens (27.9 million NPXS and 17.7 million NPXSXEM tokens) from their respective total supplies.

After the Q4 token removal, the total supply of NPXS is now 258,498,693,019.0699 and the total supply NPXSXEM is 44,770,921,916.24.

Here are the links of the execution hashes: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x0fbf77b90af57062760eea9d54f8599dd634afd940e1a82a6a403b43ece4e87c

27,947,281.50 NPXS tokens were removed from its total supply permanently.

Also, 17,713,065.74 NPXSXEM tokens were taken out from its total supply permanently. You can check out the execution on Binance Chain at https://explorer.binance.org/tx/9175F130540A76FE3AD9A1D67079190375AE789999F63763155B0F4B0262E0F7

Q1 2021 token removal schedule

The supply of NPXS and NPXSXEM are deflationary based on the utilization across Pundi X products and services. The team has removed token supply since 2018.

The Q1 removal will be planned in the second week of April 2021. Below is the 2021 token removal schedule.

Please note that the schedule is subjected to change. Do stay tuned for our latest announcement across our official social media channels (Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Medium).



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