Get the special edition of AkiColle manga-themed XPASS cards in Akihabara, Tokyo

Pundi X (writers)
Sep 12, 2019 · 3 min read

Dear Pundians,

On September 22, Pundi X will be exhibiting at “AkiColle” held in Akihabara, Tokyo. AkiColle is the the key event of Akihabara which will exhibit goods of all genres, such as electronic devices, games, animation, pop culture and music. The event is held twice a year with participants of all ages and genders.

The mainstays of Akihabara also focus on new technologies. One of which is crypto and blockchain technology. The passion and interests remains strong regardless of volatility of the crypto market. The event in Akihabara, where new technologies of consumer electronics are revealed and introduced in Japan, is also a good opportunity for Pundi X to showcase to the crypto/blockchain technology supporters. At the same time, it will be our very first XPASS card sale in Japan, which will take place at the AkiColle exhibition.

First manga-themed XPASS Card designed by AkiColle

XPASS card, the NFC-enabled multi-currency crypto debit card, is now available in various designs, but the AkiColle XPASS card is a special edition with limited amount which is designed only for the event. Moreover, other than BTC, BNB, ETH and NPXS, this XPASS also supports NEM and Qtum. Since XEM is one of the popular cryptocurrencies in the Japanese market, this special edition of the XPASS card is more valuable than a simple collection.

You can visit the Pundi X booth with your smartphone and ID to purchase the limited AkiColle XPASS card at AkiColle. The location is stated as follows:

XPOS and product sales at events

We will also sell goods at Pundi X booth so that you can experience actual crypto payment via XPASS card and XWallet app. Installation of XPOS in other booths is also in planning.

To experience buying goods and paying with your cryptocurrency, it is suggested that you install XWallet app on your smartphone and prepare crypto in advance. You can download XWallet from Google Play, Apple Store, or visit Once the app is downloaded, register your account with your phone number or email address.

What’s more, original limited edition T-shirts will be on sale at the booth, and you will enjoy discounts paying with cryptocurrency.

Events and booth information

Date: September 22, 2019, 11: 00–16: 00

Venue: Akihabara UDX 2F, Akiba Square ( )

Admission Fee: Free

For more information of the event, please visit:

Pundi X

Pundi X is a leading developer of blockchain-powered…

Pundi X (writers)

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Pundi X

Pundi X

Pundi X is a leading developer of blockchain-powered devices, including the world’s first point-of-sale solution, the XPOS, which enables merchants and consumers to do transactions on the blockchain in physical stores.

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