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How to make purchase of BitcoinMalaysia Playing Cards Collection 2019/2020 on XWallet

Dear Pundians,

It is exciting that Pundi X is featured in Bitcoin Malaysia’s 2019/2020 playing cards collection. What’s more exciting, you can now purchase the cards and pay with XWallet! Although we think the collection feature in XWallet used for e-commerce is still preliminary, we are grateful that Bitcoin Malaysia agrees to give a try and implement it so that we are able to collect feedback for our upcoming improvements.

To pay with XWallet to purchase the Cards, you can follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Visit bitcoinmalaysia.myshopify.com on your mobile phone browser.

2. Choose “Add to cart” and proceed to check out (If you choose“More payment options”, it will lead you to the payment page as well).

3. Confirm your item in the cart and proceed to check out.

4. After clicking on “Check out”, you will be taken to filling up shipping information. At Contact information, please fill in the SAME email address as your XWAllet email address.

5. Fill out shipment information, “XWALLET” in the discount code to get extended pre-order discount price only for XWallet community till 23:59:59 GMT+8 Sep 6, 2019 and proceed to “continue to shipping”.

6. Choose your shipping location and continue to payment.

7. Choose “Pundi X” as your payment method and complete the order. You will then receive a confirmation email for your purchase.

8. Scan the QR code” at http://bit.ly/bitcoinmalaysia_pundix and save the image to your local gallery.

9. Go to XWallet and select “Scan” section on the homepage.

10. Choose “Gallery” or scan the QR code from Step 8

11. Select the QR code from your local gallery and send USDT to the wallet address. Use USD/MYR exchange rate of 4.2 to convert RM to USD. Make sure you do your own calculation.

12. At “Add note”, fill in your name which is the same as the one on your purchase order.

13. Select with the card and cryptocurrency that you would like to pay, enter your payment password, and complete the purchase. The USDT value will automatically converted to the cryptocurrency you’ve chosen to pay.

14. Once the payment is successfully completed, email your order No. to Bitcoin Malaysia (jason@bitcoinmalaysia.com) to check.

Once the payment is confirmed by Bitcoin Malaysia from their customer service email (jason@bitcoinmalaysia.com), the transaction is completed and your purchased item will be sent to you by Bitcoin Malaysia.



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