Pundi X assists Coinrail to investigate the breach incident

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3 min readJun 10, 2018


Dear Pundians,

This morning on June 10 we received notification from Coinrail: There was an unauthorized suspicious trading activity involving 2,619,542,080 NPXS tokens transferred to IDEX.

Source: https://etherscan.io/address/0xf6884686a999f5ae6c1af03db92bab9c6d7dc8de#tokentxns

Coinrail confirms that this incident has been caused by a cyber intrusion and NPXS is one of the affected tokens. Since the amount of NPXS token is equal to 3% of our current supply, which could potentially affect the interests of all parties, we instigated an emergency security protocol to halt ALL the NPXS transactions at 11:16 am Singapore time (GMT+8) to protect NPXS holders and help Coinrail and Korean law enforcement to investigate the incident.

Both Coinrail and Pundi X team reached out to the IDEX team to explain this situation. At 1:08 pm Singapore time (GMT+8), IDEX agreed to take the necessary action to freeze the account which was involved in the suspicious trading of NPXS tokens. Now 100% of the affected NPXS tokens remain trackable.

At 7:01 pm Singapore time (GMT+8), we received the email notification from the Korean law enforcement and police request to extend the suspension for investigation.

The Coinrail team is now working with the Korean law enforcement to investigate the account holder involved in the unauthorized transactions. Once we get an update from Coinrail, we will update our token holders immediately about the development of this incident. We hope the incident will resolve soon.


What happened to my NPXS tokens in Coinrail?

Contact Coinrail for your account information as they can provide full details of their account holders.

To keep your token safe, we recommend all the token holders keep tokens in a wallet for which you own a private key and make sure you keep your private key offline to prevent possible exposure from a random hacker.

If I’m not a Coinrail user, will I lose my NPXS tokens because of this?

No, you won’t. You can check account balances of your NPXS tokens on etherscan.io or https://ethplorer.io .

Is Pundi X hacked?

Pundi X is NOT hacked. The exchange containing NPXS tokens was hacked.

Why don’t you burn these affected NPXS tokens?

All affected NPXS tokens remain intact and these should be returned to their relevant holders.

Burning NPXS has to take place within the token contract address which is NOT applicable in this case.

Can I swap during the suspension period?

All the transactions during suspension period are pending. Please avoid swapping your tokens till further notice.

What happened to the ones who swapped but not receiving the tokens yet?

The token holders will receive the swapped token after the lift of the suspension.

Why NPXSXEM is still trading?

NPXSXEM is Mosaic token (as NPXS is ERC20 token) which is not relevant to the Coinrail incident. The trading of NPXSXEM remains the same.

We apologize for the inconvenience of this incident may cause as we need to operate with the law enforcement to fight against the criminal activities.


Zac Cheah
CEO and co-founder
Pundi X