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Dear Pundians,

Thank you for joining our Q4 2023 Progress Report. Those who couldn’t join it live can watch the video version by visiting our YouTube Channel.

Pundi X Q4 2023 Progress Report

In this report, we covered the developments of XPOS, rollouts and partnerships, updates regarding PURSE, and Pundi X’s roadmap for 2024. Let’s take a look!

Tech Development

Pay via Email is now available on XPOS!

We saw that there was a growing need for online payments that would allow our users the option to make the payment later if necessary. Pay via Email surged by facilitating crypto transactions via XPOS in both physical and online outlets, streamlining payments, and offering the option to “Pay Later at Home” with preferred wallets.

The key benefits include convenience, efficiency, global accessibility, and an invoicing tool for online payments.

[XPOS Merchant Tutorial] How to pay via Email

Pundi X and TRON join forces to support and promote crypto adoption, shortening the gap between traditional finance and fintech. This integration sets the stage for TRON users to seamlessly transact and oversee their digital assets, enhancing the practicality and accessibility of cryptocurrency transactions.

In other words, merchants can now accept USDT payments on the TRON network using the TronLink wallet.

[XPOS Merchant Tutorial] How to accept USDT on TRON Network with TronLink Wallet

[XPOS Merchant Tutorial] How to sell USDT on TRON Network with TronLink Wallet

Pundi X is exploring building a ZK-powered Pundi X Chain with Polygon CDK. The zkEVM component of Polygon CDK will make it feasible for Pundi X to explore several benefits to users, developers, and XPOS, including:

  • Lower transaction fees,
  • Faster transaction throughput,
  • Improved security
  • XPOS mirrored transactions.

We believe that using Polygon CDK to develop the zk Layer-2 network will be a major growth driver for the Pundi X Chain, XPOS operators, and developers.

Rollouts and Partnerships

A new partnership between Pundi X and Leap Pay, a Singapore payment gateway startup, to deploy XPOS in 2024 was announced at the Singapore Fintech Festival. This strategic partnership aims to revolutionize how physical retail merchants process cryptocurrency transactions, providing an easy, innovative, and user-friendly solution.

In South Africa, you can now find and use PundiX’s XPOS available at the Hydraulics store. So, if you’re over at the Rainbow Nation, go purchase your favorite luxury clothing with crypto at the Mall of Africa.

More Pundi X physical crypto exchange stores are open in Turkey. Thanks to the continuous effort of our Master franchisee, Hakan, in expanding the crypto network.

Tintswalo Lodges are now accepting crypto payments via XPOS.

Pundi X Labs has been certified by the Singapore FinTech Association as a Singapore-registered FinTech Company under Blockchain & DLT Provider.

Statistics about XPOS transactions in Q4 2023

The top countries that use crypto pay are Türkiye, South Africa, Uganda, Portugal, and Brazil. The tokens most used to pay are USDT, ETH, PUNDIX, BTC, and FX.

As for Crypto sales, the number one country is Türkiye, followed by South Africa, USA, Brazil, and Canada. The top tokens bought are USDT, BTC, ETH, and BNB.

PURSE Update

A governance proposal of airdropping 4 billion $PURSE tokens to Upbit $PUNDIX holders passed on Pundi X Chain. The airdrop has been executed by Upbit.

The new website of PURSE is now live, which clearly outlines the plan of how PURSE, as a reward token, will help XPOS merchants generate tractions from users.

The total supply of $PURSE is 73 billion, and the capped max supply is 258 billion. $PURSE token currently runs on Pundi X Chain, BNB Chain (BEP20), and Ethereum (ERC20). In the future, $PURSE will also be available on Base and TRON networks.


An insightful discussion between Polygon and Pundi X regarding the ZK-rollups and how Polygon CDK could help facilitate them took place on Pundi X Spaces.

Imagine the world as your marketplace when the mass adoption of cryptocurrency is no longer a dream but a reality. Together with our partner, TRON, we talked about crypto adoption and shared real-world use cases.

Listen to Pundi X’s first full Spanish X Spaces, which was held by Maria Gabriela Alfaro, Commercial Law Associate at Pundi X, while she discussed the current legal environment of crypto with professional lawyers.

On October 14, Pundi X Chain turned 2 years old! Currently has 40 active validators, and more than 10% of the $PUNDIX supply is delegated to secure the network. It’s important to mention that apart from receiving block-rewards in $PURSE token, delegating $PUNDIX token to the Pundi X Chain validators also gives you access to vote on governance proposals that further define the direction of Pundi X Chain and future developments. 2 governance proposals have been held and we plan to have more proposals coming this year, so stay tuned!

Pundi X Japan participated in various events in 2023, including Comic Festival, Omoshiro Doujinshi Bazaar in Tokyo, Offchain meetups, and many more!

Zac Cheah, CEO and co-founder of Pundi X went to Los Angeles to participate and showcase XPOS to 5 industry experts, referred to the Killer Whales series organized by Hello Labs. The show is yet to be broadcast.

Pundi X also participated in Binance Blockchain Week in Istanbul with our Pundi X Master franchisee, Hakan, where we met many new people and projects and showcased XPOS.

We also met our partner, TRON, and visited Pundi X Physical Exchange stores together to witness real-life crypto adoption.

Mai, also known as Miss Bitcoin visited PEX in Istanbul as well and experienced the smooth transaction of buying Bitcoin on Lightning Network via XPOS.

Pundi X participated in the largest Fintech conference in Singapore, the Singapore Fintech Festival, and showcased the XPOS in action to the crypto/fintech enthusiasts. Moreover, we announced a new partnership with Leap Pay. Our South African Master Franchisee, Daniel, also flew over to participate in the event.

Check out the highlights here:

[SFF2023] Pundi X interview with Sough African Franchisee, Daniel Katz

[SFF2023] Pundi X interview with Mark Mueller Eberstein [Part 1]

[SFF2023] Pundi X interview with Mark Mueller Eberstein [Part 2]

Peko Wan, Chief Ecosystem Officer of Pundi X, participated in the Taipei Blockchain Week as a speaker alongside fintech leaders to talk about the challenges and future of Web3 payment.

[TBW 2023] Innovation in Web3 Payments — Pundi X

The SATS Day giveaways have brought us a lot of engagement and new followers, especially Bitcoiners, and it's also a way to onboard more users to know about Pundi X, and for them to learn using the BTC Lightning Network wallets and transactions.

2024 Roadmap

Reflecting on the achievements of 2023, we are pleased to report that we accomplished approximately 85% of the outlined roadmap in 2023. We also delivered a feature we didn’t plan in our roadmap but requested by our franchisee to cater to the demand of online crypto payment, “Pay via Email.”

This year, we have a list of milestones we want to achieve.

Below is a sneak peek of how BTC mainnet support in XPOS works. Please note that the minimum transaction amount we will support for Bitcoin mainnet is 100 USD and above.

The payment process is on the left-hand side of the screenshot. The merchant will choose Bitcoin mainnet after entering the payment amount in fiat or crypto. As for selling Bitcoin, the merchant will choose Crypto sale, then choose BTC, and a menu will pop up to show both Lightning Network and Bitcoin mainnet to proceed.

We will share the instruction video on YouTube after the launch. Please stay tuned for our XPOS upgrade notification and update your XPOS to receive this new feature.


Blockchain technology has revolutionized several industries, ranging from finance (DeFi) and gaming (GameFi) to the Web2 brands. However, physical infrastructure remains untouched. Now DePin has finally become a hot topic among the blockchain builder community.

What is DePIN?

DePIN, short for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks, is an emerging application gaining traction in the real world. It leverages tokenomics to initiate the deployment of physical infrastructure, leading to a network effect that opens up innovative design possibilities for real-world-oriented DApps.

DePINs utilize blockchain technology and crypto-economic protocols to empower individuals worldwide to collaboratively construct, sustain, and manage physical networks and hardware in a trustless way. This resonates with what Pundi X has been doing in the past six years via our hardware device, XPOS, and the $PURSE token reward system.

In 2021, we initiated the experiment of transaction mining on XPOS in the sense of providing rewards to the merchant with every transaction. Later on, the loyalty reward token of Pundi X, $PURSE token, was introduced. PUNDIX token holders can either delegate $PUNDIX or farm to earn $PURSE tokens.

We also worked on the utility of $PURSE tokens through real-world gift card redemptions.

The vision of PURSE token is to enable merchants to launch, trade, and utilize their loyalty tokens to reward the consumers. Each loyalty token can represent a service or product that can be redeemed or spent.

Make sure to follow PURSE token medium and PURSE X for close updates.

Thank you for joining the session. Pundi X also has a Podcast program that is available on all platforms. Follow us and never miss a thing!

Stay healthy and safe, and we will see you in the next progress report!


Pundi X Team