[ANN] PXS token split

Pundi X (writers)
Pundi X
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1 min readJan 13, 2018


For every PXS you will receive 999 PXS.

Hi Pundians,

We have been receiving numerous request from our participants to split the tokens into smaller fractions, the (false) rationale behind is because the current token price is high.

Mathematically it has no difference whether the token is priced 2.736USD or 0.002736USD as the difference in total supply means the total market cap is the same. However, after receiving multiple requests and evaluating the token economy, we have decided to make the split. After the split, a token will be worth 0.002736USD as of today’s ETH price (13/01/2018).

As we perform the token split, for every PXS token that you own, you will get another 999 tokens via unlock token. Please keep your PXS in a wallet which you have ownership of the private key, including but not limited to, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Trezor device and others so that you can safely receive the unlock tokens.

The split will happen anytime after Token Sale and no latter than 1st March, likely sooner than later. Exchange trading will commence a few days after the split.