Win 52.5 million NPXSXEM at Tx Hash Lucky 8 Giveaways on Binance DEX

Pundi X (writers)
Oct 17 · 4 min read

As part of the celebration of Pundi X 2nd Anniversary, we are giving out up to 52.5 million NPXSXEM to the lucky new NPXSXEM buyers.

How to participate

Participants buying NPXSXEM tokens on Binance DEX from 2:00:00 pm GMT+8 on October 18th to 11:59:59 pm GMT+8 on October 24th will be eligible for the NPXSXEM Hashtag Lucky 8 Giveaways.

How to win

  • Two last digits of the lucky combination revealed

For the avoidance of doubt, we will be engaging a third-party service provider to generate the string(s) alpha-numeric characters used during the course of the give-aways. The said service provider will also serve as the custodian of the generated string of alpha-numeric characters. As such, PUNDI X Labs Pte. Ltd will not be in control of the string(s) alpha-numeric characters in any way whatsoever. We shall be publishing the details of the third-party service provider in due course.

The string of lucky combination of four numbers from 0–9 plus the first six letters of the alphabet (i.e. “a”, “b”, “c”,“d” ,”e”and “f”) has been generated before the campaign and revealed the last 2 alphanumeric character on the date of campaign announcement. This third-party service provider will reveal the rest of the lucky combination after the session.

The third party service provider is Helmi Talib & Co. (Update at 12:00 pm GMT+8 on Oct 18, 2019)

The last two digits of lucky combination are 17

  • Buy NPXSXEM to get your Tx Hash during 2:00:00 pm GMT+8 on October 18th to 11:59:59 pm GMT+8 on October 24th

A participant buying NPXSXEM Tokens on the Binance DEX and completed a fully filled order will be eligible to participate Tx Hash Lucky 8 Giveaways.

  • Check out the full 8 digits of your Tx Hash

The successfully filled BUY order whose Tx Hash matches exactly with the lucky combination will be the winner of the 22,500,000 units of NPXSXEM Tokens during the campaign period. In other words, the winner is the NPXSXEM buyer whose transaction identification (“Tx Hash”) matches with our lucky combination comprising alphanumeric characters and the timestamp.

In the absence of an exact match, the prize will be distributed proportionately among a class of NPXSXEM Traders, whose respective Tx Hash matches closely with the lucky combination. For instance, if a class of NPXSXEM Traders whose respective Tx Hash matches with the last 3 alphanumeric characters of the lucky combination, they will then receive 100 units of NPXSXEM Tokens each. A more detailed illustration of the token giveaway below:

You will find the full lucky combination disclosed across our official channel, such as this medium post, Pundi X Twitter, Pundi X Facebook, Pundi X official announcement Telegram Channel, or the campaign site etc.

Lucky Combination (Update on 13:00 GMT+8 on October 25, 2019)


Activity Rules

  1. A random pick of the full lucky combination which consists of number (0–9) + alphabet (a-f) will be announced on Oct 25, 2019 through Pundi X official channels and the name of this 3rd party service provider who generated the lucky combination will be disclosed.
  2. To win the award, the transaction hashtag of buying NPXSXEM Tokens has to match with the lucky combinations.
  3. Each matching Tx Hash shall be entitled to one prize only. And all Tx Hash that matches the lucky combination shall be entitled to claim from the 52,500,000 units of NPXSXEM pool.
  4. If the trading activity does not yield any exact or closely matching hash, then the 52,500,000 units of NPXSXEM Tokens will not be given.
  5. The winners will be announced at

How to receive reward

The NPXSXEM Tokens will be sent to the winner(s) wallet address(es) by October 28, 2019.

Winners ( Update on 13:00 GMT+8 on October 25, 2019)

Terms and Conditions

Pundi X reserves the right to cancel or amend the activity rules at our sole discretion.

Pundi X (writers)

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Pundi X

Pundi X

Pundi X is a leading developer of blockchain-powered devices, including the world’s first point-of-sale solution, the XPOS, which enables merchants and consumers to do transactions on the blockchain in physical stores.

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