Movement to avoid

There are some moves used for bhangra dancing that shouldn’t used for exercise

There are some moves used in social and performing bhangra that should not be used in exercise to music. This is because they don’t bring any benefits and instead can cause injury. Here’s are two clips of a movement that is done by many bhangra dancers. The risk of injury from this move for knee joints and the chances of falling is very high.

Never introduce this move. If you play the Pass the Pungra game, also remind people to only use moves from the Do Pungra Move course.

This dropping move is very harmful to the knee joint because it places the person’s entire body load onto the patella tendon. You can see how the joint moves, especially when the knee joint is bent — also called hyper flexion.

Just because you see it done in dance to bhangra, doesn’t mean you should use it in exercise to bhangra.

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