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Letter sent on Mar 21, 2016

Did you celebrate the Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is just a way to motivate people to conserve energy. Not being a compulsory event, it is something, which you should practice as your responsibility towards the society, towards the nature. It is not very difficult to switch of the lights of your house and the electrical appliances for an hour, but it means a lot for the society as, if this done by everyone at the same time, helps in conserving a large amount of electricity. This is what is called Earth Hour.

Recently, it was celebrated in 160 countries around the world on 19th of March 2016 from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. In Amritsar also, a group of volunteers gathered together and organized a candle march to mark this occasion. It was organized at Bhai Veer Singh Niwas Sthaan along with various people from different NGOs serving to this cause. The citizens also willingly participated in this activity and switched off the lights of their homes during this one hour.

People also came forward to sign the pledges to conserve natural resources and go environment friendly. It was not only Amritsar, but also the officials in other cities of Punjab, like Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Jalandhar had requested the citizens to be a part of this initiative and do their bit for the society. Along with the general public, the government also showed their contribution to this cause by switching off lights at the India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Gateway of India and other such significant places for the Earth Hour to motivate the public to carry on with the same.

Previously, during various Earth Hour sessions, the world has witnessed places like Eiffel Tower, Opera House, PETRONAS Tower and other such significant establishments go dark during the earth hour to show the world that they care. It is not that you can only practice this during the specified earth hour, but to contribute to the environment you should otherwise also try and use energy in your home, individually. Unnecessary switching on lights and fans and wastage of electricity is harming the society and the nature and will have adverse effects in the long run.

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