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Letter sent on Mar 15, 2016

More facilities for inmates at PU Hostels

The Panjab University now decides to offer more facilities to inmates at the hostels of the university. From the upcoming academic session, the university has decided to let the students staying in hostels use electronic and electrical items in their hostel rooms by paying a small amount of fees to the authorities as service charge.

A meeting of Panjab University Syndicate recently took place and this was approved in the same under the chairmanship of the Vice chancellor, Arun Kumar Grover. The electronic items, which will be available for the students to use in their hostel rooms, include, kettle, hair dryer, desktop, laptop and an iron. The charges for the same would be varied, like it will be Rs. 75 per month each for using the kettle, and desktop. For using the hair dryer, the students will have to pay an amount of Rs. 25 per month. If someone would like to use the iron, then they will have to pay an amount of Rs. 50 per month to the authority at the university.

Till the last session, students weren’t allowed to use these kinds of items in their hostel rooms and just in case someone is caught using the same then they were to pay a fine of Rs. 500. But to make things easier for the students in the hostels, the authorities thought that they should be allowed to use the same at a nominal charge, as these are basic necessities in today’s time for everyone. Appliances like room heater, Television, heating rod were allowed to use by the students in the rooms earlier at a charge of Rs. 500 per month but that has now been increased to Rs. 1, 000 per month.

Now that they have made the facility of using these appliances available to the students so they don’t expect them to use it without paying the required amount. But in case anyone is found doing the same, then they will have to pay the double amount of fine, which will be Rs. 1, 000. With provision of more facilities, the expenditure on part of the university also increases and so they have made a nominal hike of Rs. 50 in the hostel fee for the students.

In the same meeting it was also decided, that no further registrations would be made of new vehicles for students of hostels, the ones which are already registered will be allowed.