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Letter sent on Mar 12, 2016

PU goes cycling all the way

From keeping you healthy, to making the environment pollution free and avoiding traffic jams on the way, cycling is a boon for any individual and its surroundings too. A number of kids of Panjab University have understood the importance of the same, and rather than flaunting their mean machines, they are now travelling to the college and nearby sectors on their bicycle.

Monica is one of those who leads the group and has inspired many to take up cycling instead of creating pollution all across with their expensive cars. She has been travelling to the college on her bike since the year 2007 and never looked back after that. She says that it is the responsibility of the students to keep their university clean and pollution free and the city too and that is why she took to her cycle. She is completely against having vehicles on the campus.

It was her efforts; along with her cycling group and with help of some student parties of the university, that now we have dedicated parking lots for the cyclers. Earlier there wasn’t any dedicated parking for bicycles but now Hostel No. 6 has exclusively dedicated some space to this and can hold up to 60 cycles as of now.

The students are still demanding for more space for their cycles, as the huge cars and bikes take up most of their parking space. The girl’s cycle gang are preparing to demand to the university to promote cycling in different courses and communities, which will further help in making the university pollution free. The cycling gang has been named as ‘bicycle lovers’ and they often go around the campus and motivate students to take up cycling, to stay themselves healthy and keep the environment healthy too.

The trend of cycling has been very well acquired by the Bangalore University and more than 600 students use cycles in the campus and park them at the designated areas. Hopefully, Panjab University will also set the right example in this regard, and take this up as an official mode of transportation in the campus.

Another great example of the similar kind is Finland, here not only the university but also the general public prefers to travel by cycles. This place is famous for the same and attracts tourists from around the world, who also enjoy the city on cycles. Regardless of age, sex or status, people love travelling on cycles and the best to do so in Finland is during spring and summers.

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