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Letter sent on Apr 13, 2016

PU, second to Harvard, for being most engaging on FB

Facebook is a place that decides about the popularity of a particular brand or institution amongst the youth and the generation connected to the Internet. Punjab University has been known all around the country for its academics, its sports, curricular activities and a lot more, including its talented students,

As per a recently conducted study, amongst the universities all around the globe, Harvard University is known to be the most engaging and most popular on Facebook. Punjab University is the second most engaging on the same network; it has bagged the second position in the same. Recently as per the PU Director from the Public Relations department, Vineet Punia, the page of Punjab University has been recently gaining a lot of engagement and fondness amongst the Facebook users in compare to before.

According to statistics, he says that in last one week, the page has recorded around 21, 200 engagements, which is the highest after the Harvard University. Also, the page is growing at a rate of 1.6 percent, whereas pages of the universities globally, grow at an average rate that is as low as 0.5 percent.

If one compares the number of followers to the ratio of engagement on the page, then the Punjab University’s page is even much higher than the Harvard University. While releasing the official statistics of the same, Puniasaid that the Facebook Page of PU has engagement as high as 21, 200 in numbers with just 1.5 lakh followers, whereas during the same time period, 45.20 lakh users were following Harvard University’s page and it received 27, 100 engagements.

The performance of the Facebook page of Punjab University has been growing at such a fast pace and is so commendable that international universities, like University of Cambridge, University of Washington, Yale University, Cornell University and even University of Oxford have been following the page. They have been going through the activities carried out at the page, due to which it has such high number of engagements. In comparison to the same, the Delhi University’s Facebook page stands nowhere near to it. The people following the page are not only from Punjab, Delhi or for that matter India, but is a varied audience from 45 different countries around the world.