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Letter sent on Jun 6, 2016

Why Should You Choose To Study At Punjab University?

Despite the fact, that the Times Higher Education Rankings always place Punjab University over all IITs and IIMs, the university is one of the most underrated elite and cultural centre for studies. Not only does PU help a student excel in studies, it also allows him to blossom and prosper as he explores various dimensions of his life. Established in 1882 and operating over 133 years, the university has motivated students to reach academic brilliance and discover and showcase their talents across all platforms.

With two campuses, one in sector-14 and the other in sector-25, it spans across 550 acres and has been conceived to meet the academic, administrative, sports/recreational, and residential and other requirements of a growing University. To make it self-contained, infrastructural facilities like its own Shopping Centre, Health Centre, Bank, Post office, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Sports Grounds, Botanical Gardens, well maintained parks, Open Air Theatre, Guest Houses, Faculty House, Seminar Complexes, Alumni House, Community Centre and a school, have been provided. Besides these facilities, the University Campus has 8 hostels for boys, 9 hostels for girls, a Working Women Hostel and 2 sports hostels.

Along with a 24-hour access to the city’s largest library, the university also has a cluster of prominent buildings like the Gandhi Bhawan, the Fine Arts Museum, and the Student Centre, which form the hub of social interaction and proves to be a relaxing place to unwind after a long tiring day. Keeping aside the wonderful infrastructure and architecture, and the amazing facilities and services the Univ provides; PU is widely popular for its exposure. The kind of exposure and opportunities, the university provides, cannot be found in any other college in the region. PU brings out the creative and innovative side out of a student through its various ongoing activities, student committees and fest organizations. The university also boosts skills like team work, formulation of strategies and logic application through its student election politics and campaigning, which instills a sense of care for the welfare of society and nature.

Priding in a qualified faculty and expertise in every stream, Arts, Science, Languages, Law, social sciences, journalism, Fine Arts, Business Management and Commerce, Engineering and Technology, Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Dairying, Animal Husbandry and Agriculture, it does justice to its reputation by providing teachings of an international stature. Along with a strong Alumni base, this university that Ranked number one amongst Universities in India and Ranked 363 in the Thomson Reuters-powered ‘Best Global Universities Rankings 2016’ by US News and Global Report, provides scholarships to brilliant students in need.

PU is popularly known for its contribution towards funding of research projects and initiatives like Stem Cell Research and Drug Development and its infamous community radio station Radio Jyotirgamaya 91.2, which acts as a unifying agent amongst the university faculty, students and also the community. The radio programmes can be heard over a range of 10 kilometres.

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