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21 of Our Favorite Father’s Day Cards

First off, happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. It’s YOUR big day. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Second, shout out to all the kids (human and otherwise) that sent their pops a card for Father’s Day. That should definitely earn you some brownie points, and maybe even a real brownie. You all sent touching notes that made us shed a tear, but you guys also sent hilarious stories, jokes and puns that had us laughing so hard we also shed a few more tears. It was a emotional ride for the the Punkpost scriptists.

Let’s take a look at 21 of our favorite cards and the awesome Dads who got them:

  1. T-Rific Dad: Any card with a GIANT T-Rex is always a winner in our books. That should bring a smile to dad’s face, even if he won’t get to see his favorite daughter in person this year.

2. Thrill Seeker: Umm, coolest dad award goes to this guy. Bungie jumping?!? That’s some impressive stuff that will forever be a talking point on Father’s Day.

3. Lovable Pilot: Sure, a plane ride isn’t quite as crazy as bungie jumping, but it ranks right up there with cool dad abilities. That obviously helps his kids feel less embarrassed when they go out to dinner with him in his socks and sandals.

4. Whisky Toaster: On dear-old-dad’s day, raise a glad of his favorite beverage and cheers to everything he’s ever done for you. Especially those bike-and-beer rides.

5. Celebratory Papa: Even the little got in on the card sending, with the help of mom and dad. We too hope this Papa has a wonderful, confetti-filled day.

6. Road Tripper: There’s nothing like long car rides to bring everyone closer together. And when he’s not along for the ride, he even babysits the cats. What a guy!

7. Best Dad in the Galaxy: Obviously the best Dad in the galaxy deserves a entire cake. And shoutout to his b-e-autiful daughter for putting our Dad Lib to good use!

8. Old Reliable: Some Fathers do it all, which makes it hard to list out all the things they have taught you or done for you over the years. Inside, you can use everything to make sure you cover all your bases.

9. Wine Connoisseur: A trifecta of awesome is happening with this Dad: wine, cooking and vacations. No wonder his kid is forever grateful.

10. Loved-in-Another-Language Dad: Want to say, “I love you,” to Pops, but not in English. Punkpost can make that happen, even in Croatian. (And yes, Google helped with the translation.)

11. Award-Winning Papa: Any Dad that makes a tasty breakfast, keeps you squeaky clean AND deals with nail polish wins all the things, all the time. Maybe he will escape the finger nail polish on his big day, or at least get to pick the color.

12. Strong Opposition: Tough discussions helped this baby girl grow up into a thoughtful, loving and card-sending daughter. You did good, Dad.

13. Stellar Stepdad: These kids have all the heart-eyed emojis for their fantastic Stepdad. That’s the perfect way to end any card to someone you love sooo much.

14. Family Protector: To the moon and back, is a lot of love. About 238,855 miles worth of love. With that much love between a father and their kid, it’s no wonder they would never ask for another Father.

15. Dog Dad: Pups are kids too, and this one had a special note to send its Dad. Thank goodness another human was around to translate and type.

16. Confetti-Loving Father: At least we hope he loves the stuff. And if nothing else, a photo of a cute little kid, innocently hanging out on the steps will be sure to make him smile.

17. Snandle-Wearing Ol’ Man: This daughter gave her Dad permission to be himself on his big day. So if you see a guy out watching people make swords who is also wearing snandles and eating a sundae, you know he followed her advice. And in case you didn’t know, a snandle is a shoe that’s half sneaker, half sandal. Now we know.

18. Well-Loved Uncle: Swimming, beer and grilling. We aren’t surprised this uncle got some well-deserved love on Father’s Day.

19. Adventurous Dude: From eating tons-o-crab to driving on the wrong side of the road, this Dad has left his daughter with some pretty sweet stories to tell.

20. Music Lover: Play that funky music Dad, because someday your kids will thank you for it. For him, that day is today. And when the volume came down, he took the time to teach them some real life lessons.

21. Pun-tastic Pop: Honestly, everything about this card is amazing, from the pun-filled message to the “neat” drawings. We hope this card — and every Father’s Day card — made the Dads out there feel joyful, appreciated and, most of all, loved!

Share with us! Tell us which card was your favorite. Or if you sent a card, share it with us by using #SentWithPunkpost on your social media post. We can’t wait to see!

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