3 Ways to Kickstart Your Holiday Card Sending

The holiday season, while the most wonderful time of the year, is one of the busiest times of the year. You have presents to buy, parties to attend, meals to prepare and people to visit. Oh, and greeting cards to send.

That last one is something we can help with. Get the card-sending party started with these three holiday tips.

  1. Start a list. Consider yourself Santa. Now, make a list. And check it twice. You don’t want to forget one of your distant relatives and have an awkward moment around the holiday dinner table. To start the list either, (1) go through your address book and write down each person alphabetically. Don’t forget your work address book. (2) List off one close family member and then list relatives connected to them. Continue this until you make it through all your family members. Next, list your closest friend and any other friends in that friend group. You can always add to the list later if you somehow miss Aunt Rhonda.
  2. Find addresses. Go through your list and put check marks next to every name that you have an address for. You probably won’t check them all, and that’s alright. Just email, text or Facebook message each person for their address. And don’t worry about killing the surprise. The Punkpost card you’re going to send will amaze and delight.
  3. Snap a photo. In the days of smartphones and selfies, it’s crazy to think you might not actually have a great photo on hand. So quickly browse your camera roll to find your best group shot—you know, the one where everyone actually looked at the camera with their eyes open. Trips or events from the year are always a gold mine. If you’re coming up empty, get the crew together this weekend. If that’s not possible, find the best photo you have of each family member or roommate and send multiple photos. No matter if it’s a pro shot or just a quick snap, friends and family want to see your beautiful faces this holiday season. Who knows? You might even make the fridge.

Once you’re done with these three tasks, it’s on to our favorite part: picking a card, especially because we are still oohing and aahing over all the new designs we released this year.

Start sending your holiday cards now. Hanukkah starts Dec. 12, and the United States Postal Service needs your card by Dec. 19 at the latest if you want it there for Christmas. (Trust them, they know a thing about mail. They will be handling 15 billion pieces of mail this season. Yes, billion with a b!).

Happy holiday card sending, and stay up to date on the latest Punkpost advice by signing up for our newsletter, or following us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.