App Update: Request Addresses, Get Event Reminders and More

We’re always working to make Punkpost better, but the most recent app update has some features that will make holiday card sending a breeze.

Request addresses: It’s the worst when you want to send a card but don’t have the person’s address. We’re here to help. Just go to your contacts, tap add and then pick a contact from your phone. Then, tap “request address,” and we’ll help you text or email them an address request. Once they fill it out, you’ll get a notification. Soon, you’ll have so many contacts to send holiday cards to in 2018.

Events: Never forget a birthday or holiday again thanks to our event tracking feature. Go to the events section of the app, and pick a person who you want to remember to send a card to later this year. We’ll remind you to do that. The list has everything from birthdays and anniversaries to Mother’s Day and Halloween. You can select any of the options, and even create your own reminders at the bottom.

In-person delivery: Just order your card like usual, but when you get to the end, tap the requests box to find a hand-deliver option. This service places your beautifully decorated card and envelope inside a larger envelope that’s sent directly to you. It’s a great option for gifts or in-person events.

iPad abilities: The Punkpost app is now supported on iPad. Download the app to browse and order in the same way you could from your phone. But most importantly, look how many cards you can browse at once.

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