Even Elves Use Punkpost

Santa’s elves are busy all year making toys singing songs, but come December, they have another duty: watching over kiddos. Then, they report what they see and help Santa know who to put on the nice list, and who gets put on the naughty list this year.

Some of these elves* even use snail mail to let their favorite children know they are on the way or how they are doing. *And by elves we really mean clever parents.

If you’re looking for a creative way to delight your kids, give Punkpost a try like these fun-loving parents have done. Here are some examples from elves this year!

Buddy’s back from the North Pole!

Have the kids been good? This elf is here to find out.

To get on the good list, “Don’t be fresh to your mom & dad.”

Elves, include confetti with your card. That will surely be silly fun for all.

A surprise! Who wouldn’t want Jack Elf and Snowflake to come visit.

Lay out the rules when it comes to elf interaction.

Or, pass along the bad news that Chippy isn’t going to make it this year?

Let us know: Tell us in the comments if your elf has sent mail before and what its name is!

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