Forget Postcards. Here’s the New Way to Say “HI” on Vacay.

(lettering by Kristen Podbelski)

Cards to Make Your Friends Jelly…

In honor of sunscreen, mountains, passports and oceans, we’re bringing you a new card collection, titled VACAY, created by two of our Punk Scriptists, Sophie Hwang and Kristen Podbelski.

(lettering by Sophie Hwang, phrasing by Megan Harmon)

Consider these cards your way of keeping in touch while you’re on the road, as in a new take on the postcard. Not only can you write a note to someone telling them about the food you’re eating and the sites you’re seeing, but you can even include a photo of yourself enjoying the jet-set life… so they can eat their hearts out.

(lettering by Sophie Hwang, phrasing by Megan Harmon)

A little bit about the artists… Sophie Hwang was our very first Punk Scriptist. When we first met Sophie, she was practicing daily lettering and was already helping out friends and family by lettering notes and envelopes for them. See more of her work by following her on Insta.

(lettering by Kristen Podbelski, phrasing by Megan Harmon, handwriting by Kiri Inouye)
(lettering by Kristen Podbelski)

As early as second grade, Kristen Podbelski would change her writing depending on her mood. Spending her youth deciding what type of “A” to use made her a lettering fanatic. Other fun facts about her? She used to be Snow White at Disney World and she is featured on the Punkpost site!

(lettering by Sophie Hwang)
(lettering by Sophie Hwang, handwriting by Kiri Inouye, phrasing by Megan Harmon)

The cards in this collection all started with a collaboration with PicsArt. And they ended up being best sent while you’re waiting for your connecting flight to Bali, taking a train to Oslo, sitting on the beach in Hawaii or sipping a glass of wine in a small cafe in Argentina. You know, while you’re doing you.

Send out those wanderlustin’ vibes now…

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