Happy Galentine’s Day, Ladies!

Galentine’s Day might have started in 2010 during an episode of Parks and Recreation, but it holds a real place in the world today, as it should. Leslie Knope started the holiday to celebrate the ladies in her life. She invites them all to brunch, asks them questions and gives them over-the-top gifts in true Leslie Knope fashion. While we can’t all enact that exact scene with our gals, we can drop them a note to let them we love them and support them and think they rock.

If you’re wondering what to write to your gals, here are some examples to help you get started today, so your card (or postcard) can arrive by Feb. 13, aka Galentine’s Day.

Before anyone else: We’re crushing over this bestie note. It’s happy, sincere and sure to brighten this lady’s day.

Long-distance bestie: We agree, teleportation would be amazing. We’d still send a card though, because happy mail is kinda the best.

Hey, hot stuff: Our Galentine’s Day design is actually on a postcard. So if you pick it, you can keep your message short and sweet, and get a rockin’ message that looks like this.

Love, Thelma: Miles may separate you from your Louise, but that doesn’t weaken the bond you have.

You just know them: Stuff reminds you of your fave gal all the time, like dogs, pizza and dancing, and you just want to buy them all the things.

Early to the party: Sloths aren’t known for being speedy, but maybe you’ve never seen a pink one. If you send your card today, it will be sure to arrive in plenty of time for Galentine’s Day on Feb. 13.

Yep, you: There might be millions of ladies in the world, but your gal is 1 in a million. Never hurts to remind her!

Happy Galentine’s! No need to say anything else. Instead, leave our artist a little note to doodle your fave things. Pizza and wine, anyone?

Celebrate the ladies in your life like Leslie Knope, and send them a spunky, encouraging or downright silly card today.

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