2017 Solar Eclipse Continues

How cool was the solar eclipse yesterday? Well, the fun and amazingness doesn’t have to end thanks to the United State Postal Service. These stamps, as seen above, features an eclipsed sun. That’s until you touch the stamp. Within a few seconds, the warmth of your finger will reveal the moon thanks to the thermochromic ink circle in the middle of the stamp.

We’ve been oohing and aahing over these stamps since the USPS issued them on June 20, 2017. (Yeah,wWe’re up on all the latest stamps. It’s part of the job.)

If this is the first time you are seeing these or want to stock up, head over to the USPS site and order a sheet of 16 for $7.84 (plus shipping) online.

Until you can get your hands on your own Total Eclipse of the Sun Forever stamps, you can check out how we’ve been using them on cards for any and all occasions this summer.

Punkpost artist: Candy Soonthornvech

“Everybody” loves eclipse stamps: Space enthusiasts (and Backstreet Boys fans) are sure to throw up their arms and let out a scream when they see this envelope. “I want it that way” couldn’t be any truer when it comes to snail mail for this crowd.

Punkpost artist: Linda Nguyen

Exploding with fun: The band theme continues with this blink-182 themed envelope complete with a solar eclipse stamp and handful of purple confetti.

Punkpost artist: Michael White

Total package: Mom didn’t want her son to miss out on any of the solar eclipse action this year. She sent him an image with locations, times and visuals, and a sweet note, which Moms are great at doing.

Punkpost artist: Brenna Malmberg

Celestial swirls: If you were lucky enough to live along or travel to the path of totality, you got to see the Sun’s corona, aka its extended atmosphere or that white drifts seen around the dark moon.

Punkpost artist: Chelsea Donaghy

Pro snail mail tip: Leave it to the Punkpost artists to ensure card recipients experience their mail to the fullest. This interactive stamp really is just as simple as rubbing your warm finger on the stamp. The starred letters are also a nice touch.

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