Looking Back at 2017 Like …

2017 filled us with all the heart-eye emojis. We launched a ton of new cards, met our fans in person and celebrated 2 years as a company! To help sum up the awesome year of helping you send cards, let’s take a peek at a few of the most-loved moments from 2017.

Fave holiday card: Our holiday card selection continues to grow, but our card by Kelly Phillips cruised to the top for the second year in a row. You’re going to want to see it and the rest of the cards that rounded out the top 5 sent in December.

Fave blog post: Holiday card writing help proved to be the most useful in 2017. We’re so glad we could help inspire and guide you on your holiday card sending journey. Also, we loved that some of you even sent merry jokes!

Fave photo: If you aren’t following us over on Instagram, you’re missing out on stellar handwriting, cool stamps and handfuls of mail. The top photo of 2017 had all three.

Fave app feature: No address is literally not a problem anymore thanks to our new Request Address feature. Just text or email a quick form to your people, and you’ll have a way to send them real, physical mail. Screw lame HBD Facebook posts.

Fave people OUR ARTISTS: We couldn’t do anything without our badass team of handwriting artists who live around the county. They bring your words to life and take snail mail to the next level. Get to know the crew via our monthly artist features!

Cheers to that awesome year made possible by YOU! We’re so thankful for your overwhelming support and love, and can’t wait until you see all the things we have planned for 2018!

Hello, January. Goodbye, cards. That’s right, we’re saying goodbye to a few card designs. But don’t be sad. It’s just because we’re making room for all the awesome stuff coming your way in 2018. That said, run — don’t walk — over to the app to get these cards before they are gone. Oh, and did we mention they are only $5.

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