Magical New Designs — No Wand Needed

Card design by Camille Chew.

Camille Chew doesn’t wield a wand, but in her hands, a pencil or stylus might as well be one. The new collection of cards she created for Punkpost makes that super duper apparent. And we’re releasing all 7 of these designs to you today.

Card designs by Camille Chew.

We know, you’re already swooning over her work. We’re with you. But who is this bewitching illustrator? Well, her name is Camille and she hails from the great state of New York. It’s also the same state where she honed her skills, studying printmaking at Alfred University.

When she left college, she found herself without a whole printmaking studio, so she took up digital artwork. Her past had left an impression on her though, and it’s reflected in her current style, even if it’s created with a Wacom Bamboo pen tablet and Photoshop.

“I like all the different printmaking processes,” she says, “and I’m able to find a lot of different ways to incorporate them into my artwork.”

Card design by Camille Chew.

One such way is to use only a few colors in each design. “I always start any illustration by picking a limited color palette,” she says. Then, she overlaps the selected inks to create additional colors. Her “Get Better Soon” card above show this technique in action.

Card design by Camille Chew.

Once you’re done admiring all those pretty colors, take another look at all the tiny illustrated details Camille works into each design. “All of my work has a witchy, magical theme,” she says. “I grew up with an interest in fantasy and Happy Potter.” She also likes the strong powerful female character that a witch brings to her work.

Does that witchy work sound really family? It should because Camille also designed a few Halloween cards for us. Maybe you’ve already sent one … or 5.

Illustrated self portrait by Camille Chew, and a photo of the real Camille hard at work.

And who is this we see? Camille, illustrated by herself, casting a spell from her writing utensil in one hand and waving around magic with the other. That’s exactly how we imagined her.

Send some of Camille’s artwork to all your friends and family. She’s got designs for all occasions, from “Be Mine” to “Happy New Home.” You can also check out more of Camille’s work on her website and Instagram.