Meet Brenna: An Artist Who Specializes in Food and Cats

Meet Brenna Malmberg. She’s also a Handwriting Artist who joined the team in September 2016, and loves to mix doodles with lettering. Take a look below to see what we mean.

Pizza, Pizza: People write about food all the time in their cards, and Brenna likes to use that for inspiration. Excited about pizza? She’s going to make sure that envelope has you salivating before you even open it.

Taco party: Food strikes again, this time with little taco friends and a whole envelope of crunchy tacos. She uses Crayola markers to draw the shapes and then outlines them with a fine-tip pen to define the doodles.

Dessert, anyone? As if you weren’t already drooling, here’s a gingerbread man, some doughnuts and a fresh pie. Sweet envelopes, right?

Summer time: Brenna’s all about that summer fun in the sun. It’s beachy requests like this to Nana that make her the happiest.

Beep, beep—snail mail coming through: This hippy van hitched a ride with the postal worker all the way to Colorado. Groovy.

Purrrrfect greetings: You’ve heard of the Dog Whisper, right? Well, in our artist community, Brenna is known as the Cat Doodler. You know why after seeing this cat-filled envelope and happy cats with croissants and wine.

Apartment living: An address becomes a work of art hanging on the wall of this cozy little room.

Fast facts about Brenna:

  • Location: Redwood City, California
  • Background: She grew up in Western Kansas, graduated from the University of Kansas, and eventually landed in the Bay Area. All the while, she’s been corresponding with her grandma via handwritten letters. The snail mail love runs in the family. Her grandma writes her a letter every. single. day.
  • When she’s not writing cards: She spends the day writing for a Bay Area tech company and watching sports, especially gymnastics and Kansas basketball.
  • Creative beginnings: Coloring books and the margins of notebook paper gave Brenna space to color and doodle as a kid and into college. Then, about 4 years ago, she took up lettering and hasn’t put a pen down since. “My skills have improved drastically since those first days,” she says. “It just takes practice, practice and more practice.”
  • Go-to doodle: Dots and hearts, especially hearts with cute little faces
  • Favorite writing utensil: Sakura Gelly Roll pens and Crayola Super Tips markers
  • Favorite stamps: Colorful Celebrations, especially the purple ones, and National Parks
  • Favorite cards to write: Food-themed cards and cards to grandmas, but her favorite part of every card is usually the envelope
  • Workspace: A corner desk with a light pad, literal buckets of pens and markers, and a desk lamp.
  • Favorite background noise: Podcasts, such as It’s Been a Minute with Sam Sanders, Hollywood & Crime and Serial Killers
  • Favorite time to write: Late at night. Many times she doesn’t start on cards until 11 p.m., the time she claims she’s most creative
  • Cards written (so far): 1,400+
  • Inspiration: Lindsey Bugbee of the The Postman’s Knock for lettering and googling “cute” in front of anything she wants to draw

When you’re this good, we can’t just let you write and doodle inside cards. We offer her art in our card shop too. Here, we have her “Mom” card graced with a heart-shape of floral doodles, a great example of that doodle/lettering combo we mentioned in the intro. You may have also seen her “Oh What Fun” and “Warm Winter Wishes” cards in our holiday collection.

One way or another, it’s safe to say your going to run across Brenna’s work when you order from Punkpost. Want to see more? Head over to her Instagram: @brennamedia.

Stay tuned: Each month we’re featuring another member of the team so you can get to know the real people behind every doodle and letter that’s sent via Punkpost. And if you can’t wait a whole month, we highly recommend sending your friends and family a card to say that you love them and miss them. Who knows, maybe Brenna will draw your taco-loving friend a tasty mail snack.

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