Meet Candy: We Think She’s Pretty Sweet

Meet Candy Soonthornvech. She’s a Punkpost Handwriting Artist, who is skilled with colorful markers and knows her way around fun, cursive lettering. Don’t take our word for it, check out a few of her creations and some of her techniques below.

Her Fave: Picking a favorite card is almost like picking a favorite child, but Candy went with this birthday greeting for a 1-year-old kiddo. This bear danced right into the customer’s heart. Candy loved it. The customer loved it. Everyone was saying, “YAY!” That’s always the sign of a card well-done.

Now that we’ve seen her favorite card, let’s learn a little bit more about her.

Fast Facts About Candy:

  • Location: San Francisco Bay Area
  • Background: Candy started lettering in January 2016 when she was inspired by the beautiful calligraphy that is used on wedding invites. When it comes to drawing, she’s been doing that forever. She doesn’t remember when she started. It’s always just been a part of her life.
  • Go-to doodle: Polka dots and sun rays
  • Favorite writing utensil: Fiber-tipped Pentel Sign Pen with black ink
  • Favorite stamps: The Delicioso collection makes her hungry. So. Hungry. All. The. Time.
  • Workspace: An art nook in her bedroom
  • Favorite time to write: Night time, after a rock climbing session
  • Favorite type of card: Birthday because every one is happy and bright. The sender is happy. The receiver is happy. The writer is also happy.
  • Inspiration: #handlettering on Instagram and Pinterest
  • Card-writing process: First, she checks the card’s writing style and message length. Then, she blocks out space to doodle. Lastly, she picks her weapons (pens and markers) and gets started.

And because no one can ever have enough eye candy, check out a few more of Candy’s card creations.

Mama mia: Candy dished up some sweet Mom love with a side of spaghetti. Yum.

Confetti confessions: The perks of getting to know people over coffee: you feel loved and get confetti in the mail.

Summertime sips: Smiles and sweet iced tea were exchanged thanks to Candy’s citrus skills.

Early bird: It never hurts to surprise people with a card early, especially if it’s full of plants and sunshine.

Cheers: The card, the bottle doodles and the puns… nd by the way, is anyone else noticing this food and beverage trend? Candy has definitely mastered that genre of doodle.

Want to see more of Candy’s work? Head over to her Instagram: @candy.ns.

Stay tuned: Each month we’ll be featuring another member of the team so you can get to know the real people behind every doodle and letter that’s sent via Punkpost. And if you can’t wait a whole month, we highly recommend sending someone you cherish a thank you card or love note. Who knows, maybe Candy will draw you a dancing bear.

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