Meet Esther: A Fun and Fancy SoCal Writer

Meet Esther Choi. She’s a Punkpost Handwriting Artist who started to hone her skills a few years while creating her own wedding invitations. You’ll see evidence of that lovey-dovey start in her flowing penmanship and delicate florals.

But, she’s got a little bit of a party streak in her, too. She actually designed that “Party, Party, Party” card you see above, and this purrrfect birthday card for all your favorite crazy cat lady friends.

Outside of writing and designing for Punkpost, she runs a small business with her her cousin named bachchoi. Together, they use their calligraphy skills on signs, invitations and more. And next month, she’s going to teach calligraphy and watercolor workshops at Makers Mess in Southern California. If you’re in the area, check out when she’s teaching!

With all those artistic skills, it’s not surprising that Esther has made a lot of people happy with her card creations. She’s even celebrated 1 year with Punkpost this fall, so that’s a lot, a lot of happy folks!

Fast Facts About Esther:

  • Location: Santa Monica, California
  • Background: She was born in San Antonio, Texas, but has called SoCal home for most of her life. When she’s not at the beach or lettering, you’ll find her at CorePower Yoga or browsing the farmers’ market with her husband.
  • Creative beginnings: Like many of our artists, Esther has had a knack for art since she was a kid. She didn’t really start taking it all too serious until she made her wedding invitations. Now, she’s a pro.
  • Go-to doodle: Balloons and confetti, plus bright colors
  • Favorite writing utensil: Pilot Precise V5 and Tombow brush pens markers
  • Favorite stamps: Oscar de le Renta and Wonder Woman
  • Favorite cards to write: Love letters between friends, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends and cards to kids. They “just really pull at my heart strings.”
  • Workspace: At her desk or in a more cozy spot watching The Office
  • Favorite time to write: Early morning or late at night
  • Cards written (so far): 1,000+
  • Inspiration: Jessica Hische’s book In Progress and browsing the many, many Instagram artists out there. She also always carries around a notebook and pen to jot down inspiration when she sees it.

Let’s check out some of Esther’s work.

True love: If this isn’t true love, we don’t know what is. And regardless of the message, Esther of course made it look like a dreamy love poem.

Kidtastic: Colorful markers bring these upbeat cards to kids to life. “Writing for Punkpost has also really helped me play around with a lot of fun lettering styles,” she says. And perfect her unicorns.

Double the confetti: Your girls always have your back. Plus, they know confetti—both drawn and IRL—can make any day better.

Oh baby: Florals and Esther’s elegant handwriting make the sweetest messages that much more special.

Hella lovely: If your birthday card looks like this, can you even be mad. It’s got all the making of a heartfelt love note and reminds us why we love snail mail. “It’s personal. It’s special. And it can ALWAYS make someone smile and just feel good. I mean, who doesn’t love receiving mail?!”

Want to see more of Esther’s work? Head over to her Instagram: @bahkchoi.

Stay tuned: Each month we’re featuring another member of the team so you can get to know the real people behind every doodle and letter that’s sent via Punkpost. And if you can’t wait a whole month, we highly recommend dropping your friends and family a card to say that you love them and miss them. Who knows, maybe Esther will draw your fave kiddo a unicorn.

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