Punkpost’s 2-Year Journey

Aren’t summer birthdays the best? Punkpost agrees. As we celebrate Punkpost’s 2nd birthday, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane and see how we got here. This journey, full of fun photos, is like a bunch of little presents that we have to share with you, along with one big present that we will announce later this week. Stay tuned for that, but in the meantime, let’s throw it back to the beginning.

November 2013: Alexis, one of the Punkpost founders, takes her first calligraphy class by Victoria Rothwell. Alexis, and Santiago, who is the other founder, love learning any and all crafting techniques, including beautiful penmanship.

January 2014: Santiago designs and letterpress prints their first card on a machine from a craft store, but hey, you have to start somewhere. They printed the cards and sold them with other products, just for fun.

July 2014: Lightbulb moment! “Let’s combine letterpress, handwritten cards and tech!”

August 2014: A little website is developed and lets people send the first cards. But it’s not called Punkpost yet and it’s not an app.

September 2014: Punkpost has a name! Alexis and Santiago take it to a Brit +Co event in San Francisco, and people start falling in love with idea. Can you blame them?!

October 2014: The founders wrote all the cards. Every. Single. Day.

November 2014: People, we’ve got an app, just in time for the holidays.

March 2015: Punkpost goes international. Cheerio, London!

May 2015: The first card collection rolls off the presses: Sweet Vixen by Bridget Sidden. You’ve probably seen, or even sent one of these lovely cards.

June 2015: Punkpost hits the app store and thousands of people start downloading it like crazy! Thanks, all you early adopters, for being patient with us as we worked out the bugs.

July 2015: Punkpost is officially a real company!

September 2015: Confetti! That’s right, people can start showing their friends and family with confetti via Punkpost. You’re welcome!

October 2015: An 800-pound printing press joins the Punkpost family. You might know her as Aunt Pearl. Plus, you can now send printed photos with your cards. What a great use for all those selfies.

November 2015: The first handlettering artist joins the team. Shout out to Sophie Hwang!

April 2016: We’ve got a crew of handletting artists, and it’s a good thing, because we were featured on the APPLE APP STORE!

June 2016: Punkpost takes Russia by store with its feature in Marie Claire Russia. Did we mention that we can write your letter in any language? Yep, even Russian.

July 2016: Punkpost continues its globetrotting adventures, and brings on its first Canadian handletting artist: Maliha Hameed.

September 2016: Hey, non-Apple users, we’ve got something for you: Punkpost for Android.

October 2016: More and more handlettering artist join the team as we ramp up for the holidays, starting with Halloween.

February 2017: Artists unite and create the Resistance collection to help Punkpost users help their voices be heard.

July 2017: Time to celebrate Punkpost’s 2nd birthday! Are you excited? We sure are. To celebrate, we are going to be launching a redesign of the app and a collection of birthday cards. We can wait to celebrate this birthday, and many more birthdays to come with you! Thank you for all your support during the past few years. We couldn’t do it without you!

Thank you for sending cards, sharing photos and dropping pounds of confetti on your friends.

Join in on the celebration by sharing your favorite Punkpost moment with us and use #PunkpostTurns2 so we can be sure to see it!