Meet Sergio: A Tattoo Artist Who Loves Disco

Meet Sergio Alfaro. He’s a Punkpost Handwriting Artist, who can create on surface, from paper to chalk board to skin. (Yup, he’s also a tattoo artist.) His love of letters and drawings started at an early age when his Dad stuck a pencil in his hand and helped him master cursive. That skill is paying off in so many ways, but let’s take a look at what he uses it for at Punkpost.

His fave: Get well cards are his favorite to script and send for people. While working on these assignments, he recalls times when he’s been hurt and would have appreciated a sweet note from a family member of friend. So whether you have a broken leg or a broken heart, Sergio looks forward to helping you send well wishes.

Now that you know about his favorite type of card, let’s dive a little deeper into what makes Segrio, well, Sergio.

Fast Facts About Sergio:

  • Location: Los Angeles
  • Background: Sergio joined the Punkpost team a little over a year ago, but his writing days started quite early, as we’ve mentioned. He started with cursive at age 4, and also started drawing his favorite things, such as dinosaurs, cartoon characters and cars from magazine, at about the same time. Late in high school, he got into the graffiti and street art scene. He’d paint murals with friends. Today, he chalks out signs for cafes, apprentices at a tattoo shop and draws company logos onto parade floats. His talent crosses over onto any medium.
  • Outside of art: He spends time with three guinea pigs, McNugget, Faloofa and Shoopuf, and cooks while listening to music. “There ain’t nothing like a little disco before dinner.”
  • Second favorite type of card: Love cards, including all those well wishes, because he understand stands that the person is reaching out and connecting in a very personal way. “I am more than happy to pass that love right along.”
  • Go-to doodle: Sun and clouds
  • Favorite writing utensil: Tombow brush pens
  • Favorite stamps: Batman
  • Workspace: At home at his table, but he’s not too picky. He can make any flat surface work.
  • Favorite time to write: Late evening or early morning
  • Cards written (so far): 740+
  • Inspiration: Lowrider Arte Magazine and Googling “vintage horror book covers” and “1950s jazz album covers.” He carries a sketchbook with him at all times so he can jot down names of artists, quotes and memorable scene.
  • Card-writing process: First, he turns on his music. He’s really into old music and is obsessed with Patsy Cline. Once the vibe is right, he reads through the card to identify key phrases and doodle inspiration. Next, he eyeballs the layout and puts Tombow to paper.

Let’s check out the results of Sergio’s talent + paper + Patsy Cline.

Belated birthday with a bang: Guns and bullets aren’t your typical balloon shapes, but when a Punkpost clients asks for it, Sergio delivers.

Aloha: Who doesn’t want a tropical envelope in the mail? If you didn’t just raise your hand, it must be glued to your phone. This envelope perfectly displays a lifelong love of penmanship, and we couldn’t be more excited to have Sergio share his skills with us and all of you.

Want to see more of Sergio’s work? Head over to his Instagram: @workingclassvillain.

Stay tuned: Each month we’ll be featuring another member of the team so you can get to know the real people behind every doodle and letter that’s sent via Punkpost. And if you can’t wait a whole month, we highly recommend sending someone you cherish a thank you card or love note. Who knows, maybe Sergio will draw you a happy elephant.

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