The Most Fun You Can Have on Cyber Monday

This isn’t your typical Monday. It’s Cyber Monday!

We’re celebrating the only way we know how: FREE CONFETTI (no promo code needed) + $1 off your next card with promo code: CYBER2017. Open the Punkpost app to start showering everyone you know with free confetti but only until 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 27.

Don’t want your card to arrive just yet? We’ve got a card scheduler for you. Order your card, and pick a future send date on the calendar. Then, let the Punkpost elves, aka handwriting artists, handle the rest. Ahh, isn’t it nice to check something off that long holiday to-do list.

So what are you waiting for? Make it rain confetti.

Upcoming event: If you live in the Bay Area, come visit Punkpost in person on Sunday, Dec. 3. We’re going to be at the Urban Air Market: Holiday Show in Oakland alongside more than 100 other amazing makers. We’d love to meet you!

Share and win: During November, share a photo of your Punkpost card — incoming or outgoing — on Instagram and use #SentWithPunkpost for a chance to win a free card and stationery goodies. Make sure you’re following Punkpost on Instagram for more giveaway info and exclusive deals.

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