This Is How You Inspire Our Card Designs

Anyone who’s go-to doodle is googly eyes is obviously one of our favorite people. That’s why we joined forces with this doodle wizard to create a whole new card collection for the Punkpost community.

That’s right, new cards — 12 of them to be exact — from Southern California handwriting artist Ann Monzon.

Her clever, cute and down-right hilarious new card collection features designs inspired by the Punkpost community. So to everyone who sent their friend good vibes or didn’t give any fox… thank you! After Ann read your words, she started doodling and drawing and created these works of art. And as you open up the Punkpost app and send them, Ann hopes that they make you (and whoever receives them) as happy as she felt while creating them.

This burst of creativity didn’t happen overnight though. Ann’s been a lifelong doodler and snail mail lover, and has a thing for vintage stamps. She also took up lettering about 3 years ago, expanding her skill set that much further. When she’s not chasing after her 3 cute kiddos, you can find her at her workspace that’s covered in markers, her favorite Sakura Pigma Micron pens, postage stamps and a stash of Punkpost cards.

And if you looove vintage stamps, be sure to check out her Instagram feed (@craftmakesmile).

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