We’ve Got New Cards and They are Funny

This Is Definitely One of The Best Days of The Year.

You know Post, right? Email’s cooler, hipper friend? Well today is Post’s Day. It’s World Post Day. And because Punkpost rebels against thank you emails and makes post fun and easy, we’ve got a new card collection in honor of Post.

Send a card from Hom Sweet Hom for Punkpost, a lineup of LOL-worthy designs created by Lauren Hom. Her cards are best used on best friends, who appreciate your sense of humor and your way with words. There’s a few other surprises to send to your mother-in-law and a few other cool cats in your life.

When designing Hom Sweet Hom for Punkpost, we told Lauren, “We want your cards to be as funny as you are.” And boy did she delivery. Whether you know a few cool old people, have a bestie who is the worst influence ever or are impressed with your friends’ reproduction skillz, Lauren has got something for you.

Lauren designed this collection while traveling the globe painting commissioned murals and writing pretty and funny words of wisdom. She sometimes even has time to design for major brands (such as Starbucks, Google, YouTube and TIME to name a few).

Ready to have a laugh? Fire up the app to see the full Hom Sweet Hom for Punkpost collection.

Over the next few days, we’ll be doing giveaways of things like Lauren’s book Daily Dishonesty, her flask of Ex-Boyfriends Tears and more. So follow us on Instagram,Facebook and Twitter and start sending her cards to everyone you know if you want to get the goods.

Schedule a handwritten card now.