What to Write in Your Holiday Cards

Don’t let your holiday greeting stress you out. Easier said than done. We know. But remember, your holiday card will delight family and friends, no matter what it says.

If you’re more stuck than freaked out, we’re here to help. Here are 25 of our favorite cards sent during the holiday season. Feel free to snag someone’s message. We won’t put you on the naughty list.

1. Best wishes: It’s a crazy time of year, and the reasons for the season can get lost in the chaos that is December. Send a card — from your family to theirs—that reminds everyone to take a deep breathe and appreciate the peace, joy and hope of the holidays.

2. Food for thought: When we think Christmas, we think food. Okay, so maybe we’re thinking about gingerbread cookies and pie, not donuts, but Donut-mas is totally a holiday we can get behind.

If you send a card with Punkpost, our handwriting artists would love to cook up doodles of your fave holiday dishes. Just leave a comment when ordering, and we’ll cater to your foodie needs.

3. More to come: Give your online shopping purchase a more personal touch by sending a card in advance. Plus, a handwritten message is much cooler than a little printed slip of paper.

4. Remember that one time: Holiday cards go out to friends old and new, and also make us reflect on the year that was. Make each card extra personal by bringing up an old memory—good, bad or funny—that lets the recipient know this card was made just for them.

5. Presents, please: Aunts and uncles can relate to this card. They have cute kiddos in their life, but aren’t sure what to get them. Use your holiday card to get some help with your Christmas shopping. Plus, how cute will it be to get a call or card from your favorite niece or nephew?

6. Say what you need to say: This approach is the equivalent of dropping the mic. But hey, if that’s all you have to say, that’s all you have to say. Our handwriting artists will make sure it looks awesome regardless.

7. Picture perfect: When you have a photo this cute, what more do you really need to say.

8. Movie reference: Do you watch the same holiday movies every year? You know, the classics: Home Alone, Elf, A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life or the Grinch. Best case scenario is you send your holiday card and then that person wants to have a movie night. That’s what we call a win-win.

9. Singing loud for all to hear: Everywhere we go, we hear Christmas music. Let your friends know which one is your favorite, and cross your fingers they add it to their holiday party playlist.

10. Frosty the joke man: Have a holly, jolly Christmas by sending out jokes this year. You can use the same one in every card or come up with a bunch. Either way, everyone is going to be laughing all the way into the new year.

11. A classic with a twist: Turn “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” into a more fun and personal phrase. Just replace “merry” and “happy” in each card you send.

12. Deck the halls: Keep your holiday message simple, but let our handwriting artists do a little decorating. We’ve been perfecting our Christmas trees and candy canes for such an occasion.

13. Make plans: Students have a winter break, and adults snag a few days off during the holiday season. Use that time to do something fun, like play video games, watch movies and decorate a whole plate of cookie for Santa.

14. Life updates: These end-of-the-year cards are perfect for updating family and friends on what you’ve been up to and your 2018 plans. Did you recently move? Have a kid? Get a new job? Let your people know!

15. Warm wishes: Temps have started to get lower and lower and will probably be even lower by the time your friends get their card. Send them all your best and all your warm thoughts.

16. Reindeer games: You can never send too many jokes, especially after a long year. We especially appreciate the coffee reference in this one.

17. Optimistic approach: If you’re over 2017, look forward to the start of a fresh year and remind everyone to stay positive.

18. You da best: Sure, we just celebrated Thanksgiving, but the thankfulness doesn’t have to stop there. Thank your mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or bestie for everything they do for you during the holidays and beyond.

19. Christmas remix: Your fave tunes could definitely be Christmas songs if you use your imagination. Replace a few key words with holiday ones, and see what your bestie thinks.

20. Is it Christmas yet? The anticipation is killing us! Is it killing you? Get everyone else excited by reminding them what makes this Christmas special.

21. Missing you: You can’t see everyone during the holidays, but remind them how much you miss them and that they have presents on the way. Well, they do as long as they don’t get stolen!

22. From San Fran with love: Sign off your message by reminding people where you live. It’s especially helpful if you move a lot or have recently moved.

23. Weather woes: Have your family cross their fingers and hope for good weather. You want to be able to travel across the country safely and without delays.

24. Christmas compliments: Let every member of the family know what you love most about them. Whether it’s how fab they are or how much they rock, everyone loves a compliment.

25. Simply put: No matter what you say, everyone will love your holiday greeting.

Inspired? We hope so, especially because Hanukkah starts next week and Christmas is only 19 days away. Send your card from your phone right now so that your greeting arrives in time!

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