What to Write in Your Holiday Thank You Cards

The season of giving is followed by a season of thanking. Thanking family members for holiday meals and cozy beds. Thanking your office Secret Santa for the mysterious gifts. And thanking friends for fancy T-shirts and tasty wine.

A thank you card is the perfect way to tell them how much their time, money and efforts meant to you during the holidays. Now is also the perfect time to get them sent. The gifts and memories are still fresh, and you maybe have a few days, or at least a few hours, of downtime to type out your message and use Punkpost to get them all done.

Here are 21 of our favorite examples of holiday thank you cards to get the thankful and creative typing juices flowing.

1. Simply jolly: Send your holiday host a to-the-point message that’s embellished with Christmas doodles. Just leave a note at the end of your order, and we’ll take it from there.

2. Party goers: Thank you party guests for stopping by your shindig for a little merry fun, and the amazing gift they brought along with them.

3. Magical memories: A Disney-filled weekend with friends deserves a card complete with a castle. Help your friends relive the memory to by sending a card and add a photo — or 6 — to remind them of specific events from that weekend.

4. Wise words: Think back on 2017, and send a thank you to a friend who gave you sound, solid advice. Let them know how much you appreciate their wisdom, and wish them all the best in the new year. Perhaps they will have even more advice to share in 2018.

5. Mmm, food: The holidays abound with food, and you definitely want to let the chefs and bakers in your life that you enjoyed their wonderful dishes.

6. Perfect pairing: You know what goes great with food? Wine! Thank your friends, family and co-workers for helping you stock your wine cabinet.

7. In good company: The packing, flights and Google map directions are all worth it when the end results is hours of fun and laughter with family and friends. You especially want to thank the long-distance travelers in your life for making the trek.

8. Secret Santa: Keeping a secret is hard, and many times, buying a present for your Secret Santa can be even trickier. Thank the no-longer-anonymous person with a sweet card.

9. Good gifts: Remember that present you ripped open and then squealed in delight at when you saw what was inside? That person needs thanked.

10. Returning the favor: A lovely card deserves a lovely card in return. Send one of our holiday cards now to that person you didn’t expect to get a gift from. Just because you didn’t initially send them a card doesn’t mean it’s too late.

11. Celebrate milestones: Congratulate your friends on that new home you finally got to visit this holiday season. Sure, it was awesome when it happened, but now that you’ve seen it, you can really be pumped. This also works for new babies, jobs, cars, pets and more.

12. The thought counts: People put a lot of brain-power into holiday gifting, and it’s nice to know it doesn’t go unnoticed.

13. Fantastic friends: All year long, we have people in who our life who lend a helping hand, listen to our troubles and just love us so much. The end of the year is the perfect time to say “thank you for being awesome.”

14. You’re a gem: One-of-a-kind earrings made by a friend are definitely worth a fun card. Thank the makers in your life for putting in the time to make your holidays special.

15. Ahh, relaxation: Tell the hard-working people in your life that they rocked the holidays and deserve time off doing what they find relaxing. And if they are packing for the Bahamas, you might tell them you want to be packed along for the trip.

16. Start them young: Our Punkpost handwriting artists love to help little kids send thank you cards to Grandma and Grandpa. Parents, you can get them involved in picking the card from our card shop. Then ask them what their favorite gift was and craft a message around that.

17. It’s all in the details: Instead of just saying thanks for the present, tell the gift-giver what you loved about it. Did you immediately curl up with your snuggly blanket or woof down all the apple pie? Tell them!

18. Looking backward and forward: Bring up your old memories, such as how you met, and then wish your friends all the best in 2018, a year where you will make even more memories with your crew.

19. Home for the holidays: Even if they technically aren’t your family, thank them for basically being family and opening their house to you. That along with winter doodles will make you a house guest that will get to come back again soon.

20. So much to say: If you can’t figure out what specifically to say, sum in up with four good words, such as “Thanks for the gifts, opportunities, support and knowledge.”

21. Better late than never: It’s never to late to say thank you.

Inspired? We hope so! Open the Punkpost app now to start sending all your holiday thank you cards.

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