What to Write in Your Thanksgiving Cards

If you’re still planning on sending that Thanksgiving card, don’t wait! The thanks-filled holiday is next week on Nov. 23. That’s just enough time to get a card in the mail and to the table of your friends and family, but not enough time to dilly-dally.

Here are 13 of our favorite people to send Thanksgiving messages to and what to say to them. These examples of cards we’ve sent so far are bound to inspire, and maybe even make you a little hungry.

1. To a great friend: Drop a note to the caring, thoughtful and always-there-for-you friends, who are are basically like family. You may not be gathering around the table with them for Thanksgiving, but you can wish them all the best with their own families, and remind them you’re thankful to have them in your life.

2. To the cook: We all immediately think of food… and then more food when it comes to Thanksgiving. But who prepared all that goodness? The cooks in the kitchen. If you aren’t one of them, definitely shower them with praise and admiration before the big day. Maybe there will be an extra slice of pumpkin pie in it for you.

3. To your grandparents: Thank the people who have been there and done that and have graciously offered you gifts and advice over the years. Did they get you a patio set you enjoy or toy that the grandbaby loves, thank them for it and remind them in the same note that you can’t wait to see them next week in person.

4. To the November babies: The holidays get a little crazy and it’s easy to get completely swept up in Thanksgiving, the Black Friday deals and all the holiday music. But don’t forget those all-important people in your life who celebrate a birthday in November (and even December).

5. To your girls: Fun, fun, fun is what you’re going to have when you celebrate Thanksgiving with your girlfriends. Does that then make it Girlfriendsgiving, instead of Friendsgiving?

6. To your significant other: How often do we forget to thank the people we do everyday life with? Truthfully, all the time. Cherish that love that stretches from a quick breakfast before work to a goodnight kiss, and that same person who’s going to help you put out a feast for your family to enjoy on Thanksgiving.

7. To the host: Being the hostess with the mostest isn’t easy. You have to clean, organize, shop, prepare, cook and greet everyone with a cheerful face. Phew, that’s a lot, and your kind words can provide encouragement and appreciation during this stressful, yet fun, endeavor.

8. To the distant relatives: We can’t all travel to see everyone during the holidays. That’s life. But, we can drop them a note to let them know we are thinking of them, especially because Punkpost delivers all across the country and around the world—in case you didn’t know.

9. To your siblings: You grew up sitting at the kids table with these people, and they know you better than anyone and still love you. Get pumped to spend Thanksgiving with them!

10. To your mom/dad: Be the best kid, or spread the love by signing your sibling’s name, and thank mom and dad for just being there. You know you don’t thank them enough for everything they do.

11. To your second family: States away, you may have a whole other group of people that you call family. Say hi to that part of your life, and remind them to eat. all. that. turkey!

12. To pie lovers: One look at that card and anyone who loves pie is already starting to salivate. Start the anticipation by sending them a card, and add a request for our handwriting artist to draw a pie or just a slice to really make it delicious. Yum!

13. To anyone: Still not overflowing with words for your Thanksgiving card? That’s all right. Just say “Happy Thanksgiving” and let our artists embellish your words with a turkey or some fall leaves.

There’s at least one person in that list you want to send a thankful note to, right? Punkpost can help you deliver on your good intentions right now — right from your phone — before you forget.

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