When A Fashion Designer Illustrates Cards

A lesson in transferable skills.

A fan of Frida Kahlo? Perhaps Baddiewinkle? Or maybe you’re all about Punkpost’s Sweet Vixen collection? If you nodded your head to any of those, you’re going to want to fire up the app right now and send out what artist Bridget M Sidden has been creating for you.

Punkpost lets you collaborate with scriptists to mail beautifully handwritten cards to friends, family and acquaintances. Punkpost is the rebellion against bland, mass and faceless written communication. It’s a high-tech app that helps you bring the golden standard of communication back into your relationships.

We’ve been bragging and blowing about Bridget’s card artwork for a long time. She was the first artist we collaborated with, creating the Sweet Vixen collection. She’s worked as a knitwear designer for Tory Burch for several years and now designs accessories for top fashion brands in New York. You might even be wearing one of her a little something she thought up right now.

Her seven new cards have you covered no matter the occasion. We’re not even exaggerating. Here’s why you need to send them right now.

1. Remind your Grandparents they are 4ever Young.

This one goes out to Grandma and Gramps in honor of Grandparent’s Day (Sunday, September 11). If you’ve got a gran who is as bada$$ as Baddiewinkle, then let her know that you too hope you’ll be slaying it at the age of 88.

Swee Vixen 4Ever Young card by Bridget M Sidden

2. Going back to school always needs a ‘Good Luck’ charm .

Kids are hitting the books with the arrival of another school year. Wish ’em Good Luck in their quest for knowledge… or just their quest for socializing in the halls.

Sweet Vixen Good Luck card by Bridget M Sidden

3. Wife Appreciation Day is coming. Just a reminder, guys.

As a nod to one of our favorite artists and role models, the Frida-Chihuahua Gracias is coming at you just in time for Wife Appreciation Day (Sunday, September 18). You’re welcome for the advance notice.

Sweet Vixen Gracias card by Bridget M Sidden

4. We sometimes need a little help from our friends.

Sh*t happens. Sometimes summer ends. Sometimes you drop your ice cream cone. Sometimes you just miss a friend. The best way to cheer someone up is sending them a card instructing them to do just that… CHEER UP.

Sweet Vixen Cheer Up card by Briget M Sidden

5. The best holiday is almost here!

You probably looooove Halloween and Dia de los Muertos so much. They’re, like, your favorite holidays. Whelp, this floral-clad sugar skull is ready to sail through the night to the sinister sister of your choosing.

Sweet Vixen Feliz Dia de los Muertos card by Bridget M Sidden

6. There’s so much to celebrate!!!

Graduations, weddings, promotions, weekends — there are millions of reasons to celebrate, meaning there are millions of reasons to send this card. Right now.

Sweet Vixen Let’s Celebrate card by Bridget M Sidden

7. A fashionable thank you counts double.

Thank you, it’s the same in any language… except when it isn’t. Say it all fancy and Frenchy with this card that can be appreciated by your classier friends.

Sweet Vixen Merci Beaucoup card by Bridget Sidden

Bridget’s entire collection can be seen below. And after you get an eyeful candy-like art, you’re going to feel the need to reach out to someone with your words of wisdom, written with the help of a Punkpost Scriptist.

Artwork by Bridget M. Sidden. All cards letter-pressed on cotton paper.

Get the Punkpost iOS app here and start sending to your friends and fam. It’s basically as quick as texting, but way cooler.

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