Life Without a Mask

For context, I am writing from Ontario Canada, a place where we thought mask mandates and various lockdowns would never end. But they finally came to an end about a month ago. After 2 years of watching people turn on one another, call the police if they saw too many cars outside someone’s house, and various other behavior that drives a wedge between fellow neighbors. I can say that one of the most divisive things I’ve ever seen is the use of masks.

Before lockdowns, masks, and mandates. We as people rarely interacted with strangers at grocery stores, on the street, or much of anywhere else in public. But the option was always there. Once masking up became the norm and was even forced upon us. Not only was the option not there, but it was also despised and discouraged. People would get angry if you got too close to them, spoke in their general direction, or the ultimate sin was to reveal your face to them.

Somehow this was not noticed by many as a strange evil seeping into our culture. Further dividing an already divided population. As we all know now, there are people who outright hate those who don’t wear masks and just as many people who hate those who refused to take the vaccine. People use masks to pat their ego, pretend to be better than others, shame others, and virtue signal.

Do people not understand why masks are a thing in the first place? They are designed for people who are currently sick and may feel the need to sneeze or cough. They are usually only worn when in densely populated areas such as subways, city buses, or some city streets. They are not designed to protect the wearer. Our society was so easily conned by our media into condemning everyone as sick until proven healthy without any proof of being sick.

For those who don’t know, before Donald Trump ran for president in 2016, mainstream media was on life support. It was a dying outlet and they were desperate for better ratings. Donald Trump has been an entertaining and controversial businessman turn President. The media had a field day… or 4 years of mockery and whining to appease those who hated Trump, however, even that got old, especially once Trump was no longer president in late 2020. Also in 2020, a new topic to milk rose up, and the media was forced to feed fear through as many TV screens as they could to maintain their ratings. Long before any real evidence that this new virus was dangerous, they were demanding that everyone put their life on hold and “be safe.” The hysteria began.

Keep in mind with any news about Trump no longer making media companies enough money, this was their final cornerstone to keep these companies above water. Just as I was taught in Journalism school, “Stories that strike fear and anger into the reader, get the most traction,” So they hit the ground running. By March of 2020, the media had already filled everyone’s head with the idea that COVID-19 is dangerous and non-believers must be reported. These media sources all cited the W.H.O.’s (World Health Organization) and the CDC’s (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) reports as proof this new virus was dangerous. However, the doubt began to rise in millions of people by the end of March 2020 when both the WHO and CDC released updated death rates on COVID proving it was no more dangerous than the annual common flu. Suddenly, their reports were being blacklisted online and were not talked about on TV. Online influencers, podcasts, and various other online shows were told directly from the top of Youtube and Twitter that they were forbidden to talk about COVID-19 without risking being demonetized, or banned. These were serious threats since if these creators cannot make money on their content, then they were only one small step away from losing their livelihood. I watched with my own eyes and ears YouTubers who weren’t even political or news-based, many of which just wanted to talk about video games, not being allowed to mention the word Covid, Corona, or Virus. As far as I can tell, hundreds, perhaps thousands of YouTubers who were operating on a small budget were forced to retire their channels due to having their videos demonetized or removed, essentially taking away months’ worth of income and destroying their lives.

Suddenly a drastic rise in “fact-checkers” appeared online on all major social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and even Instagram. Whether on purpose or not, this crushed any chance of an opinion being heard that isn’t those of large media outlets on TV. They set up all of North America and a few other parts of the world like a massive psychological study. Without realizing it, they were testing out the “Illusory Truth Effect.” The concept is simple, repeat the same thing over and over again, and people will eventually believe you. Regardless of facts, reason, logic, proof, or even what the person see’s for themselves. You essentially gaslight someone into believing something through sheer force. In this case, the media needed everyone to be afraid, and they needed them to be angry. This was good for business. The media companies, the medical industry, and even governments all benefitted from the idea that this virus is dangerous and we should be angry at those who disagree.

After 2 years of this and now we get to see the results. I’d estimate roughly 1/10 people still wear a mask for some reason. However, that means 9/10 do not wear a mask. How many people were biting their tongue this whole time? How many were on the brink of revolting? How many were tired of the media’s lies? Why did all this stop all of a sudden? Did the ratings drop? Did the political polls dip? It would seem that only 1/10 people are still in fear of COVID, which is rather concerning that they still fall for such a blatant con. It goes to show that far too many people are all too easy to brainwashed into doing whatever it is, the TV tells them to do. But even worse, even more, people keep their heads down and do nothing to prevent it. As far as I can tell, we live in a world where people just want to be left alone and no longer want the world to push them around or a government to control them. Everyone is tired and just doesn’t care anymore. If you want to be afraid and wear 2 masks and shove every needle into your arm, fine. But don’t you dare tell me I have to, or anyone else.

Moving back into a more normal era of our lives, into a life without a mask. I now go out in public with a smile on my face, and go out of my way to try and make another person smile too. Thankfully unlike before COVID, these people are more than happy to chat with me or share a joke. I’ll admit though, I avoid chatting with those who are still wearing masks since they insist on treating others like a disease, I also question their intelligence.



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