Celebrating National Technology Day: Innovations from Purdue Polytechnic Institute available for licensing

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2 min readJan 6, 2022


January 6 is National Technology Day. We’re celebrating by shining a spotlight on innovations made by researchers from the Purdue Polytechnic Institute. They are:

· Abstract Visualization of Spatial Distributions, https://inventions.prf.org/innovation/7086. The lead inventor is Yingjie Chen.

· Crowd Management System, https://inventions.prf.org/innovation/7793. The lead inventor is J. Eric Dietz.

· T-Valve System Improves Energy Efficiency of Firefighting Robot, https://inventions.prf.org/innovation/5675. The lead inventor is J. Eric Dietz.

Purdue researchers created a new design to improve firefighting robots and increase maneuverability to fight fires better and save lives. (Image provided)

· Electronics Authenticity Testing Using Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography, https://inventions.prf.org/innovation/7626. The lead inventor is J. Eric Dietz.

· Handheld Metal Detector Precision Deployment Assembly, https://inventions.prf.org/innovation/7792. The lead inventor is J. Eric Dietz.

· An Innovative Antenna for Mitigating Multipath Interference, https://inventions.prf.org/innovation/7213. The lead inventor is John Mott.

· StegnoCloud: Cloud Storage Forensic Tool for Combating Specific Cybercrimes, https://inventions.prf.org/innovation/7210. The lead inventor is Fahad Salamh.

· All-in-One Toolkit for Criminal Investigations, https://inventions.prf.org/innovation/6651. The lead inventor is Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar.

· Biowall for Residential Applications, https://inventions.prf.org/innovation/5918. The lead inventor is William Hutzel.

Purdue University researchers installed the Biowall in the ReNEWW house to monitor the performance of the biofilter, the health of the plants present and comfort of residents. (Purdue Research Foundation image/Hope Sale)

· Construction Robotic System for Building Construction Operation Automation, https://inventions.prf.org/innovation/7532. The lead inventor is Jiansong Zhang.

· Method to Understand IFC Data to Use for Software Development, https://inventions.prf.org/innovation/6681. The lead inventor is Jiansong Zhang.

· Method and Apparatus for Cable-Driven Adaptive Vibration Control, https://inventions.prf.org/innovation/6271. The lead inventor is Xiumin Diao.

· An Insect-Inspired Automatically Foldable Quadcopter, https://inventions.prf.org/innovation/6501. The lead inventor is Xiumin Diao.

Purdue University researcher Xiumin Diao has come up with a patented design for drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, that works in windy conditions, is more energy-efficient and can handle a larger payload. (Image provided by Xiumin Diao)

Are you interested in learning more about developing or commercializing the innovations listed above or others from Purdue Polytechnic Institute researchers? The best next step is to contact OTC via email at otcip@prf.org.



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