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Purdue Innovations Ready to Impact Lives: Mitigating Risk at Intersections

Did you know two million crashes occur annually at intersections with traffic signals, leading to hundreds of thousands of injuries and more than 3,000 fatalities? Crashes involving heavy vehicles are five times more likely than passenger vehicle crashes to end in a fatality.

Howell Li, the Joint Transportation Research Program’s Principal Research Analyst at Purdue University’s Lyles School of Civil Engineering, leads a team that has developed a new system to manage traffic intersections with signals and to mitigate the risk associated with running a red light. The system identifies vehicles as they arrive at an intersection, calculates a vehicle’s trajectory and either extends a green light or indicates a yellow light early so the vehicle has time to stop. A prototype has been field tested at a live intersection and was able to detect vehicles traveling 55 miles per hour with 95% accuracy.

Matt Halladay, Office of Technology Commercialization

Matt Halladay, business development manager II at the Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization, said, “This technology is meaningful to me because it has the potential to save lives. The impact on society can be wide as a high percentage of Americans are traveling through traffic intersections often. This technology is just one of the many great things happening in the Joint Transportation Research Program.”

The innovation, “System for Dilemma Zone Mitigation at Signalization Intersections,” is patent pending. It can be found in the Civil Engineering and Computer Technology categories on the Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization’s website.

Learn more about the Purdue signalized intersection system by contacting Matt Halladay at

Click here for a complete list of available technologies. Available technologies are subject to change depending ongoing licensing or commercialization deals.



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