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PXD Medium Series Launch

An article series about design, college, and community. Made with coffee and love at Purdue.

Who are we?

It’s 11 pm. Amongst vast fields of corn, a bunch of students sit together in a glass building at the center of Purdue.

Students in the Purdue UX program

Fueled by coffee and armed with sticky notes, they’re analyzing the results of their latest research.

Team analyzing sticky notes on a whiteboard

This is a typical scene from the life of a Purdue UX student. Behind every sticky note we write, there’s an underlying drive to learn more about people and apply that to what we create. We take a human-centered approach to design. It’s a messy process. It’s a process through which we’ve learned a great deal and established a sense of community.

This series is written by undergraduate students in the UX Design major at Purdue University. We’re small, but growing fast. Established a few years ago, the major is is one of the few undergraduate majors of its kind. We come from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, which influences how we approach design.

We write articles about the program, topics in design we’re passionate about, and stories from our projects. Have a suggestion? Reach out at purdueexperience@gmail.com

What is this for?

If you’re a designer:

Connect with us! We’d love to host speakers, or just chat.

Read about what we’ve learned from practicing design.

If you’re a prospective student:

Reach out! We’re here to answer any questions you might have.

Learn what it’s like to be a student here and part of the community.

If you don’t know what design is but it sounds cool:

Let us know! We’d love to discuss design and the industry.

Learn from our tutorials, tips, and tricks.

What’s next?

Updated weekly on Wednesday.

The Question You Should be Asking. by Alaina Creager



Purdue User Experience Design

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