Future Public Relations Professional

Public relations represents something greater than a story or an advertisement. It represents a whole brand. Public relations practitioners have the opportunity to work internally with coworkers and externally with clients. This is what makes public relations unique compared to other forms of communication. PR Fish Bowl, states that a few reasons to work in PR are for its “variety, a chance to show creative flair, value of teamwork and opportunities for client interaction.”

As a creator and writer, I love to create messages, images or videos that can be shaped in order to have an impact on a community. Through engagement, I am able to better understand my target audience and form a message to their needs. While words can create an impact, public relations has evolved into the use of pictures and videos to display a message. My ability as a videographer allows me to interpret the visuals I see into a sequence of images that our company audience could also benefit from.

My future aspirations would be to work for a sports team by managing their social media or writing press releases and putting together media kits. I would say my strongest skills include organization and communicating with others. These two qualities are very important for day-to-day activities in public relations. I am passionate about organizing and communicating valid information for my community. Even in stressful or crisis situations, I believe that my problem-solving abilities can be beneficial to the company I work for and the audience receiving the our version of the truth.