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21 For 15

Liquid Thoughts

Raka Miftah

I have been staring at the fifth of 21 year old Walker & Sons XR for 15 minutes.

I won it fairly, the gentleman was out of money, chips, and I had my fill of fancy watches. There he stood at the table’s edge, across from me waiting my reply, staring at the Royal Flush I had set down.

I could see from the initials engraved in the glass that this must have been a gift from someone. special. I could see from his impatience that he suspected me of cheating, all the more entertaining considering he had a redhead hanging off of him, and my daughter was a blonde.

My son-in-law had managed to put his foot in it this time, he just hadn’t realized it since he wouldn’t have met my daughter’s father yet. He was trying to float a debt with a wedding anniversary gift.

I wanted this moment too register, so I instructed him the XR wouldn’t do, and that I preferred Walker Blue. I could tell from his smile he thought he had outwitted me, after all, the King George V was previously three times the cost of the blue.

I wanted to send a message I hoped would surface later, later when my daughter introduced me to him. I wanted him to think very seriously about the cost and presentation of the XR, and if the taste of the XR’s royal presentation stood up to the Blue.

I wanted him to make the leap of the red and gold choice’s he made in women, in reference to the XR and Blue, before I had finished with him, before his final leap.

So I clarified I would need a case of the blue by week’s end, I stated his home address, wife and children’s names, mother and father residence location. I had him escorted to his car where my team left him with a little reminder.

He owed the club 150 large, but before he paid in blood equity, my daughter would be getting advice on making sure her family was always financially taken care of, that was the least a father could do.

Sin City had spreads on everything, and players who were willing to wager against catastrophic events, global or personal.

Some people never learn, and I was tired of watching my daughter suffer.

My son-in-law was going to experience the most intense 3 months of hell he couldn’t escape from, before his father-in-law helped end it all for him.



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