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Pure Fiction

A Change of Heart

“Looking for love” — Johnny Lee


Yup, it’s her, jus’ look. Danged I wasn’t surprised when I first come ‘cross it. But it is. Right there, on a picture postcard an’ all. Even says so: “Queen of the Virgin Isles.” Virgin my ass, Jimbo! That’s what them writer fellas calls irony. But ain’t nothin’ funny ‘bout it. I couldn’t believe it. Had to look twice, good and hard: Wavy brunette…



This publication is a non-judgemental nurturing space for fiction writers of all levels and experience. We welcome writers of non-fiction interested in branching into fiction. Our main editor is happy to help guide those writing fiction for the first time!

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What’s more inspiring than creativity? I write about our lives’ dance with it: Writing. Memoir. Fiction. Humor... I seek my Higher Self in the wonders of story.