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Pure Fiction

A Criminal Affair

A short story

An overhead shot of three beach umbrellas with people beneath, near the ocean shore.

Special Agent Jordan O’Neill was vacationing for the first time in more than five years at a five-star resort in the Cook Islands. She wanted to be as far away as possible from the dreaded FBI department in Washington, where she worked.


Jordan looked forward to spending two weeks at an all-inclusive resort on a tropical island, catching up on non-work…



This publication is a non-judgemental nurturing space for fiction writers of all levels and experience. We welcome writers of non-fiction interested in branching into fiction. Our main editor is happy to help guide those writing fiction for the first time!

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Robin Christine Honigsberg

Author of “Dysfunctional Me.” Associate Editor of wordswelljournal.org. Sensitive eccentric. 3x OD survivor. Top Writer in Reading. Medium Editor of “AYOT” Pub.