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Pure Fiction

Fifty Cows and a Forty-Five

In late spring when the college left, the town died.

Kildare Dobbs walked down Main Street and marveled at how quiet the once-bustling avenue quickly transformed into a sleepy, backwater burg when the students returned home. Because of the shops that lined the street though, everyone remembered that it was the college that prevented it from being like every other canal town village with roots in the 19th century with boarded-up storefronts and falling-down buildings.



This publication is a non-judgemental nurturing space for fiction writers of all levels and experience. We welcome writers of non-fiction interested in branching into fiction. Our main editor is happy to help guide those writing fiction for the first time!

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Kenneth L. Warner

Writer, Sailor, Community Activist and recovering Cellar Rat. Retired on America’s N. Coast-30 year career for working families & over 100 Political campaigns