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Pure Fiction

Vengeful Consequences

A short story

A gold luggage cart with black and red suitcases piled on it and next to it, on the right side of an otherwise empty space with white painted bricks.

Holly poured herself a glass of white wine and prepared to sit down to eat when the doorbell rang. Her day had begun with driving Scott, her husband of fewer than two years, to the airport while still dark for him to catch an “Air Pacifica” red-eye flight to Chicago for a three-day business trip. Then she spent the morning working from home, solving one problem after another until her stomach reminded…



This publication is a non-judgemental nurturing space for fiction writers of all levels and experience. We welcome writers of non-fiction interested in branching into fiction. Our main editor is happy to help guide those writing fiction for the first time!

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Robin Christine Honigsberg

Author of “Dysfunctional Me.” Associate Editor of wordswelljournal.org. Sensitive eccentric. 3x OD survivor. Top Writer in Reading. Medium Editor of “AYOT” Pub.